If I had more time I would…

1. Play More Golf!
2. Which means I would play a more consistent round;
3. Be more confident on the golf course;
4. Play better round of golf;
5. Be up with the pack;
6. Spend more time on the green;
7. And less time in the rough;
8. Make more opportunity to talk with clients;
9. Creating better relationships with clients;
10. Building bigger better deals for clients;

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Is Your Amateur Golf Score Sabotaging Your Career?

A good golf game is not paramount to a successful career, however it can have a huge impact on how long it takes to materialise. Golf can be the difference between being included in the decision making at a high level on your first corporate golf game verses having to wait to attend meetings, often with the same high level executives you could have been pitching ideas and making yourself available to on the course weeks before.
A good round creates a wealth of opportunity…

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Clete Ryan’s 5 Top Tips

There’s a reason for that, their all hitting the golf ball at the right speed. Right so, as I was saying it doesn’t matter what clubs you own, if you can hit the ball at the right speed you will train yourself to hit the ball correctly. They will go further, longer, straighter, and there’s only one reason for that. Practice. To be able to practice at anytime and anywhere, use the GSRN Timing Improver, and teach yourself, how to hit your golf clubs at the right speed. And that’s it, golfs a very hard game but it come down to that simple rule, if you’re not hitting the ball at the right speed, you’re not going to hit it in the right direction.


  • To help Clete’s idea of an indoor Timing Improver become a reality, he enlisted the services of Justin Sirotin, a fellow Golfer with a handicap of three and one of the founders of ‘Mars Made’, (recruited by N.A.S.A., they designed and built the first earth made Mars landed Rover!)


    Clete Ryan

    Director and Inventor

  • Investing in and becoming CEO of Golf Swing Right Now has been challenging and exciting. To connect the link between an improved golf game and an exciting (and better paid $$$) career has opened opportunities to bring the best indoors full golf swing Timing Improver to the
    worldwide market.


    Anita Bast-Cook


  • This is something I’ve worked on since a mate of mine showed me an idea I believe this to be a great tool to improve timing. With lots of hic-ups along the way, we now have a good strong team to bring this to fruition. So watch this space.


    Zane Newman

    Sales, Marketing and Development Management

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