10 Most Effective Tactics to Fix a Golf Swing Slice

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The slice has come to be known as the most common mis-hit in golf. Amateur golfers and some high handicap players alike are plagued by it.The problem of not consistently hitting the ball correctly is truly frustrating. The ball travels towards the fairway, quite alright, but somewhere along the line it diverts, heading towards another direction until it eventually lands on some hazard or rough.Trying to compensate for slices by hitting the ball left/right may not be the solution as two things could happen. It’s either your attempt adds excess side-spin to the ball or it lands it in the rough to the left.

Quite self diagnosing your golf swing errors all the time. What you need to better your beginner golf swing and lower your handicap is a good instructor who can diagnose exactly wrong with your swing.The best way to improve golf game is to minimize slices. If you are to improve golf shot accuracy and improve golf shot consistency then you need to understand how to practice golf effectively using the right golf swing improvement products as well as the fundamentals on achieving the perfect golf swing.This starts with identifying what kind of slice you produce. Is it a straight slice? Could it be a push slice? Or is it just a pull slice?

Fix Golf Swing Slice

Once you complete the diagnosis of the slice, proceed to eliminate it. It’s not enough to ask;how can I reduce my golf stroke? Or how do I fix my golf swing timing?Although asking a step in the right direction, if you are determined enough, you need to back it up with the necessary action. Here are some super effective ways to fix your golf swing slice:

Work on your stance

This is the foundation of all good swings.A bad stance will have you compensating much later in the swing. Plus, compensating will not guarantee you that crisp, shot that covers desired yardage. Slices result from an improper balance during the swing that makes the ball curve away from the right path.

Get a grip, a good one

Although your grip has little to do with the direction toward which the ball travels at impact, the club face does. The way you position the club face at address depends on your grip. Your grip on the golf club has to feel light,so that the swing will look seamless. Getting a good grip on the club is one of the essential tips to improve golf game.


Have a clear mental picture of what you hope to achieve and how to go about it. Your mind plays an important role in your achieving great shots.Develop and maintain a positive mindset. Do not try so hard to swing from left to right or vice versa. Doing that could be your undoing. One mistake amateur golfers make a bid to avoid slices is forcing the shot. You don’t have to do that. Rather, try to improve golf swing consistency. Everything else will fall in place. One effective way is to buy Golf Swing Right Now’s Timing Improver. This golf training aid helps you improve golf swing right from the comfort of your home or office.

Weight coordination is vital

Proper shifting of weight throughout the various stages of the swing is necessary to achieving a crisp shot. You need to master your weight transfer if you are to eliminate slices from your swing. At the top of the back swing, ensure that your weight is on your right foot. Through the course of the swing, gradually transfer your body mass to your left foot. Do this so that at the end of your swing, you would have completely transferred the highest percentage of your weight to your left foot.

Fix your golf path

Better swing path is a sure golf shot improver, as everything aligns correctly, will not only fix slices but also improve golf shot distance. The pull slice occurs when your club face is too open at address and your swing path is outside-in. This sets the ball in motion towards the left but suddenly curves it to the right. Again, although your path remains solid, if your club face is open at impact, you’ll have a straight slice on your hands. The ball may start out straight, but curve along the way. An inside-out swing path and an open club face result in a push slice, on the other hand. The ball starts out rightward then, curves, proceeding further to the right. Always ensure that your club face approaches the ball on the path slightly inside your target line.

Keep club face squared

The proper alignment of our swing path goes hand in hand with proper positioning of your club face as stated in the analysis above. It is important for your swing to stay on-plane and your body mass effectively coordinated. You need to know how to improve golf swing plane as it directly affects the end result of your swing. You will constantly struggle to compensate if your swing is off the plane. There’s no two ways about it,improve golf swing mechanics and see your golf score go lower.

Work on your swing tempo

Improve golf swing tempo, it will help you focus on producing a smooth swing when it comes down to it. By this I mean, have an understanding of when to strike the ball. If done haphazardly, you won’t achieve your aim of minimizing slices, let alone cover desired yardage or lower your golf score. Here are some tips to improve golf swing tempo. The mechanics of your golf swing will improve when you swing at the right tempo.


The ultimate trick on how to get better golf scores is that this aspect of the game be given extra attention. Whatever happens at impact directly affect the direction of the ball and determine if it will get to go in the right direction and cover enough yards. Determine to make a good impact with the ball and the club face.

Use the appropriate club

Most golfers make the mistake of thinking acquiring pricey golf training aids is the solution to the problem. But truth be told, there’s only so much buying new, fitted golf training equipment can do for you if you lack proper golf swing technique, you need to use them!

Both for playing and for practice, you’ll need the right equipment. Thank goodness for effective indoor golf training equipment, you can now practice golf swing at home. Practice golf in your office, backyard, your living room and even your garage. Yes, you can do a quick golf swing fix at home; practice can now be done everywhere you are.

Exercising is needful

There are very easy ways to improve golf score there are also workouts to improve golf game. It all depend on how determined you are to improve your golf game.Exercises to improve golf game, stop giving those silly complains about not being able to find time to visit the driving range or golf course for practice.

There are several golf swing improvement exercises to help you get rid of slices. Engage muscle conditioning workouts to improve golf game. Get better golf swing tips here.Improve golf swing technique, in order to eliminate those annoying slices from your game for good. Golf training aids reviews can be of immense help to you whenever you decide to get golf training devices. So go ahead and improve golf game at the office and elsewhere.

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