10 Easy Tricks To Improve Your Golf Ball Strike

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Improving golf ball strike is a step towards improving your overall golf game. Achieving accurate and consistent golf strikes can be really tricky and equally frustrating for most players. The ability to make the correct strike on that ball, sending it flying through the air to achieve desired yardage is what sets the professionals apart.

Some of the reasons why most golfers can’t seem to get their golf ball strike right are; improper posture, wrong direction of the club face, weak club head speed, inability to control weight shift and lack of practice. All these leads to various mis-hits such as topping the ball, scooping, slices,shanks, hooks, fat shots, chunks, thin shot sand so on.These will surely take the fun of the game and make any player feel frustrated.


If you are looking for the information on how to improve golf game quickly and improve your golf ball strike read here:

1. Place emphasis on posture

To launch the ball in the right direction, you need to maintain proper posture during the strike. In order to avoid mis-hits at impact and make great strikes time and again, it is vital you maintain your posture at the address as well as all through the strike.Golfers who lack proper stance at and during the launch will experience difficulties with their golf ball strike, producing slices, chunks, and hooks.

2. Club face under control

The skillful handling of the club face direction at impact is crucial to producing improved golf ball strikes.One common mistake most golfers make is leaving the club face excessively open onimpact, this results in mis-hits.This singular mistake causes a lack of power and distance. In order to produce a better ball the club face should be under your control throughout the impact.

To do this, the face of the club has to be square at impact and right after impact, it should be a bit closed. A square club face at impact will send the ball flying straight.Perfecting the spin of the club face from a slightly open angle right before impact along with perfect timing will definitely improve a golfer’s ball strike. With good control of your club face, making consistent, accurate ball strikes just became easier.

3. Practice the chip drills

Master the art of distance control so as to improve your chip. The aim of doing chip drills is to develop a consistent chip shot which, when perfected will enhance your ball strike.When taking a chip shot, avoid too much movement of your wrist. Excessive wrist movement will mostly produce the scoops.

The shoulder and upper body need to be heavily involved for you to execute a chip.At set-up, hold the club close to the head for the back swing.Then follow through ensuring that the club shaft makes no contact with your left side. With adequate practice, you should be able to recreate your chip shot every single time.

4. Club head speed

This is an important ingredient in improving golf ball strike. Both your hands must collaborate to create a good club head speed which will in turn produce a solid ball strike. However, you have to get the club grip right. If your grip on the club is too tight, it might affect the speed of the club head. The grip should feel light, like you, are holding a baby’s hand, just strong enough to prevent slipping; holding on too tight could hurt the baby.

The grip of your hands on the club will form V shapes in between your thumb and forefinger,which should directly face your left shoulder.At impact, your arms should be stretched out not retracted towards your body. As the club head strikes the golf ball, feel your hands stretching out.

5. The accurate weight-coordination

Weight shift in the wrong direction can constitute an impediment to a solid ball strike. Learning how to transfer weight during the downswing is essential to achieving required goals. For right handed golf players, transfer your weight backward to your right foot during the backswing. This will enable your hip and shoulders spin, moving your weight through the ball for the duration of the downswing. In other words, your weight shifts in the direction of the ball.

If your body thrusts forward during the back swing, your ball strike will be affected in a way you won’t appreciate.At the end of the downswing, the left foot remains firmly on the ground while the right foot slightly rises off the ground with the toe pointing to downwards.

6. Steer clear of the shank

A shank is produced during impact when the body does not rotate enough during the swing. The club head, then swings from far inside the line of the ball. This creates complications as players fail to achieve the accuracy as the club face strikes the ball.Shank also results from holding the golf club way ahead of the ball during the set-up.

To get that nice crisp strike and avoid the shank, assume the proper posture, correct club grip to allow your body spin and lead your arms all the way through the backswing as well as the downswing.Keep your club toward the direction of the target.Ensure that your upper body maintains a consistent position while your hips rotate during the strike.

7. Picture the strike

Imagination can be very powerful, see exactly what you want your strike to achieve. Your body is mostly likely to produce what your mind projects.Therefore, your mind and body has to be calm and tension free. Feel the swing when it’s right, strike the ball. Trust your gut.

8. Your drives should have less spin on the ball

Thrusting yourself over the ball with impact can cause it to spin. To improve ball strike, distance, and speed, tee the ball higher into the air it will permit less spin on the ball. To effectively achieve this, hit the ball at an angle from beneath.

9. Stay fit

Since your mind and body play key roles in your overall golf game, it certainly will help you with your golf ball strike.Exercise as often as possible, do stretch for warm ups. Attain and maintain a level of fitness to avoid back pains or any other kinds of strain that can jeopardize your perfect ball strike. Always stay in top shape. For this, it is best to indulge in some warm up exercises golf.

10. Practice

This cannot be overemphasized. The best way to improve your golf ball strikes is to practice always. Consistency in training will equip you with the mastery you need to produce great ball strikes.There are a number of golf swing improvement products to choose from to improve your game right from the comfort of your home. The best golf accessory to improve golf swing technique is the GSRN Timing Improver. You can use this accessory to improve golf game at home or in the office. It is the only in Golf training aid that can be used indoors and gives a full golf swing feel to improve timing.

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