2 Degrees, 2 Millimetres, a Slight Shift…Whatever You Call It, It Makes ALL the Difference!

  Anita Bast Cook   Jun 08, 2016   Blog   Comments Off on 2 Degrees, 2 Millimetres, a Slight Shift…Whatever You Call It, It Makes ALL the Difference!

Whether you’re talking about flying a jet plane, firing a rifle to hit a target or hitting a golf ball down a fairway, this rule is the same for all! You can start out with good intentions and a small 2mm calculation off, which is nothing initially can turn into an extensive mishap. More evident and far-reaching in a plane than on a golf course, however it can cause incredible frustration to the average golfer.

The real problem according to Golf Coach to the Stars, Tim Hurja, is finding the right path.

“The number 1 thing that golfers really have a trouble with is finding their path, to really find a path to hitting a golf ball straight. To hit it down the middle so that they can find their golf ball.

See golf is just a little 2mm shift one way or another. If you’re off a few millimetres to the left or a few millimetres to the right when you swing this path down the line, that’s what puts the ball on another fairway!” Tim says.

Tim doesn’t believes in pulling your swing form apart to readjust the 2mm shift and discovering what we’re doing wrong, “You could be moving your head or your body’s swaying, you took your eye off the golf ball or your hips aren’t turning enough or you’re taking it outside, there’s a million things you could be doing wrong!”


So now he asks this question of his clients, “Do you want to know what you’re doing wrong? Or do you want to know how to do it right?”

He coaches clients on how to be in balance, so that they can be in good tempo, so that they have the best opportunity to focus on the ball making solid contact, and then they just have to have the path going down the line and the face square. “And that’s how you’ll hit a ball where you want it to go!”

This 2mm rule is true in the worlds of sport, engineering, flight, running a fence line and even plastic surgery. Apparently beauty in a woman’s face is heavily determined by the distance between her nose and top lip – who’d have thought!

But back to golf…

If this issue of hitting your golf ball far from true is consistent in your game, your number 1 move is to book in with a golf coach! Doesn’t have to be in person, there are many coaches giving instruction and lessons online.


They give you a genuine opportunity to change bad habits, to make the solid contact with the ball. In essence, get a lesson, practice and you get the edge at the next Charity Golf Event or Corporate Golf Day or just a massive boost to your confidence on the course and some really great shots…that’s the real reason…


To get a lesson in person, head to your local golf course. If you’re keen on a lesson in your office try these Golf Coaches for starters…

Andrew Fisher – book online at https://fishfit.com/golf-fitness-coach-services-fisfit

Greg Liberto – email Greg greg@myprimaryquestion.com

And to get your lesson indoors (where your computer and skype is) check out GSRN’s indoor training device, incredibly compact at 79cm and ‘Feels just like a club!’, Swing Right Now. Recommended by PGA Professional worldwide, including Tim, it could be the key to your 2mm’s…

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