7 Proven Ways to Hit Perfect Wedge Shot

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The wedge shot can be quite the task, whether we are talking about the long ball you have to smack 80 yards after a terribly short drive, or the pop shot over the sand trap or hill onto your putting green. All these shots can be equally difficult, and if proper technique is not taught through golf training aids. You will be left chasing your ball all over the course, all day, with a rare appearance on the putting green.

If you have been thinking how to improve my wedge shots,you are in luck as we are going to show you golf training aids that work, and how you can fit them in your golf training needs. The following are 6 proven ways to hit a wedge shot, because we know that not everyone plays the game the same, and not everyone has even close to the same technique. Follow these proven golf training aids, and you will be flying down the course and onto the putting green, using all your various wedges with ease. It is time to get excited when you reach for your wedge and not dreading the difficulty of the shot.

Follow these golf swing tips and you will have no problem in consistently hitting the ball correctly with any wedge you have stuffed into your bag.

1. Hit with more control and less power

Hit with more control and less powerWhen you are reaching for the proper sized wedge, then you have either found yourself in the middle of the tee off point to the hole or you are on a par 3 hole and you must tee off with your chosen wedge. Assess your shot and determine what do you need in order to get your ball properly placed on the course.

You need to understand if you are looking for more distance or if you need more loft, deciding this is what gets a lot of golfers screwed up on their shots. If you are going to hit with a more straight angled wedge for distance then you may want to hit with some power but still maintain the control of your swing. When you want to loft the ball high into the air so that is soars like a rainbow onto your putting green, then it is all about control. Think of what your full swing is, before taking your shot that requires a loft wedge and scale it back by 20%, this will allow you to get a perfect golf swing and carry the ball much farther and where you want it.

2. Lower your hand placement

This is a technique you should practice regularly, so that it becomes natural to you and your golf swing. The idea is to have your club close to your body with your back swing as if its wrapping around you closely. Avoid swinging up high on your back swing as you will lose a lot of your control and have a higher chance of a misfire once you bring your club down and hit the ball. By lowering your hands placement on your club handle, you will have a back swing closer to your body, making control and strength of hit a lot easier.

3. Grip softly with dominant hand

Grip softly with dominant handYou will typically use your left hand as the dominant hand when swinging during your putts, especially if you are right handed. For driving, you typically will use your dominant hand as your force would be on your right hand. For wedge shots, you should keep your dominant hand soft.

4. Always use pitching wedge for chip shots

pitching wedge for chip shotsWhen you are faced with a short distance chip shot around the parameter of the putting green, always use your pitching wedge. By using your pitching wedge, you are able to add more loft to your swing and in turn more accuracy and the right amount of distance to the hole.

5. Open your stance

When you walk up to your wedge shot, you need to assure yourself a proper stance when setting up your shot. It is one of the essential golf training needs that you must have in order to hit a proper wedge shot. You don’t need a lot power with a wedge shot as long as your using a proper swing. But in order to achieve that, you must keep your hips wide open and stand a bit wide. Your hips need to be able to adjust with your swing so keep it loose and not bidden.

6. Hinge your wrists early and consistently

You will find yourself sweeping, scooping, or pulling up your ball when you hit your wedge shot. If you want to properly hit your wedge shot, then you need to hit your shot swinging down and through your ball, and by doing so, you will create a nice divot hole when you make contact. To perform this properly, you must hinge your wrists early in your back swing. If you don’t, then you may find yourself hinging in the middle of your swing and then it will be too late, and you will sweeping your ball into an inaccurate bouncing mess. Hinge your wrists first and you will have a proper and fluent swing down and through your ball.

7. Keep your front shoulder positioned down

Keep your front shoulder positioned downThe most common mis-practice of swinging a wedge shot for amateur golfers is lifting your head before contact. This causes you to lift your front shoulder along with your head. This will take your back position out of place and your shoulder will follow suit, causing your swing to be inaccurate. Keep your head down and position your front shoulder to be underneath your chin as you perform your back swing and then as you swing, it will rotate in line with your body. The results will be a perfectly formed wedge swing, and take your ball to soar to the location you are pointing at.

The wedge shot can be a very tricky and difficult shot. But if you follow these golf swing training aids that are proven ways to hit a wedge shot, then you will be able to decrease your golf training needs and improve your overall game.

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