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anitaGolf is still an integral part of business. You only need to type ‘golf and business’ into Google to discover mountains of books, thousands of magazine links and articles about the importance and integral link a good game of golf holds in the business world. Check out our blogs on golf and business to enjoy the benefits and make the most of integrating golf into your business!

  • A good golf game is not paramount to a successful career, however it can have a huge impact on how long it takes to materialise.
  • Compared with maybe a one hour meeting in your office, 18 holes gives you four hours to discover likes and intense aversions, creating an opening for future business decisions and meetings to be instilled with the flavour of ‘likes’ learned and avoiding blunders, steering well clear of ‘dislikes’.
  • Respect from business contacts and maybe even a raise. People who play golf well, are more likely to be on better salaries!
  • ‘A round of golf is a window to the soul of fellow player, in business and life.’ (AccountingWeb)
  • Think you know someone you’re looking at going into business with? Invite them for a round of golf –before documents are signed – the results may surprise you.

To help Clete’s idea of an indoor Timing Improver become a reality, he enlisted the services of Justin Sirotin, a fellow Golfer with a handicap of three and one of the founders of ‘Mars Made’ (recruited by N.A.S.A., they designed and built the first earth made Mars landed Rover!)
Together they designed and developed an indoor practice club that would feel like swinging a full sized club, no holds barred, all the while correcting and improving your swing. The perfected club design emulates the correct weight, flexibility and speed to suit each individual. See Full Story

Investing in and becoming CEO of Golf Swing Right Now has been challenging and exciting. To connect the link between an improved golf game and an exciting (and better paid $$$) career has opened opportunities to bring the best indoors full golf swing Timing Improver to the worldwide market.
Embracing Innovative Business Systems, I’m committed to the success of our team and company.

This is something I’ve worked on since a mate of mine showed me an idea I believe this to be a great tool to improve timing. With lots of hic-ups along the way, we now have a good strong team to bring this to fruition. So watch this space.
Zanes’ expertise in Sales and Marketing makes him a very valuable part of the team.

With a well recognised history in marketing for a large multinational company, Toni is a wealth of information and advice

Robert specialises in working with business owners who need to raise capital for business
expansion or to take an innovative product to market.
– Capital Raising and helping clients to access funding ($200k – $5m)
– Market Entry, New Product and IP Commercialisation Strategies
– Fresh Ideas & Innovation-On-Demand Services
– Partnering with clients to create and launch new products and business models:

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