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Golf for Beginners: Simple Techniques to Sync Arms and Body

When you first begin to play the game of golf, you might find yourself having a difficult time hitting your ball properly. Hitting the ball just right so that it soars in the air and down the fairway or onto the putting green takes concentration, precision, and most importantly a fluent swing keeps your arms and body in sync. Watch the professionals, you will see that when they swing, it looks as if their club is part of their body, a third arm that moves in unison with their body for a beautiful and graceful swing that sends their ball perfectly down the course.


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9 Crazy ways to practice golf in rain

“How can I practice golf in bad weather?”If golfers can practice golf in the snow then they can definitely practice golf in the rain. Can people actually play golf in the snow? Affirmative! OK, so the rainy season begins and you are contemplating on putting off your favorite sport as the weather is not favorable. Undoubtedly, playing golf poses quite a number of challenges for golfers who dare to face the elements. For one, the ball is not going to move efficiently a midst the wind and the rain. Secondly, you’re exposed to cold and it won’t be so merciful.


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How to Practice Golf in the Backyard

Short shots (chip shot, putting, pitching) are the least practiced golf swing shots;yet one of the easy ways to improve golf score is to improve your putting. Practicing your short irons and your sand wedges is expedient in lowering your handicap.We all know how important it is for golfers to exercise to improve golf game. The amazing thing about practicing your putting shots is that you can do that from the comfort of your home. I mean right there in your backyard, you can practice golf putting shots.


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What Are The Best Warm Up Exercises For Golf?

Regardless of the type of sporting activity you are involved in; warm-ups are necessary. Golf is no exception. As a golfer, you shouldn’t second guess warm up before golf rounds. Do not take it for granted without gaining an understanding of its relevance. Lack of proper warm up exercises for golf,could potentially impact your round of golfing negatively. Imagine how much improvement golfers would record if only they would warm up before rounds of golfing.


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Latest Trends In Golf Clothes For Women

Confidence is a mindset easily evoked by what we wear. As golf keeps getting popular with the women folks, the trends in golf wear follow the suit. However, no one said you have to sacrifice style for performance in golf. Players can put in their best to lower golf handicap and dress right for golf games. Both can go hand in hand to compliment your overall golf game and even improve your golf game. You have no excuse for not playing golf in style. Variety abounds in the latest collection of trendy golf clothes for women.


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How To Improve Golf Swing Speed

One question every golfer who desires to improve golf game quickly asks is; how to improve golf swing speed? The key to hitting the ball farther is not necessarily hitting it hard. Slicing can be a morale diminishing mis-hit for most golfers. Without the right amount of speed to propel the ball farther towards the fairway, you will need many short shots to compensate.


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10 Famous Celebrities And Their Love For Golf

A lot of celebs are constantly searching for the next thrill. Inspite of their busy schedules, celebrities still manage to sneak some time to unwind. The golf course is where the crème de la crème of the entertainment world come out to play.Golf, being a game that costs a substantial sum to adopt as a hobby, seems to suit the expensive lifestyle of the rich and famous stars.It is therefore not strange that a lot of Hollywood celebrities enjoy golf.


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10 Most Effective Tactics to Fix a Golf Swing Slice

The slice has come to be known as the most common mis-hit in golf. Amateur golfers and some high handicap players alike are plagued by it.The problem of not consistently hitting the ball correctly is truly frustrating. The ball travels towards the fairway, quite alright, but somewhere along the line it diverts, heading towards another direction until it eventually lands on some hazard or rough.Trying to compensate for slices by hitting the ball left/right may not be the solution as two things could happen. It’s either your attempt adds excess side-spin to the ball or it lands it in the rough to the left.


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5 Tricks To Improve Your Golf Shot

One important question amateur golfers always ask is; how to improve my golf shot?If you also have the same question, then the answer is to improve your golf swing or look for some golf swing tips that you can use. Besides advancing your beginner golf swing, there’ll always be room for further improvement irrespective of your handicap.A solid tee shot that travels right down to the center of the fairways is every amateur golfers dream come true.However, knowing how to achieve great golf shots consistently is an entirely different ball game. Get familiar with the fundamentals and be willing to put in more effort and do your homework thoroughly.


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