Best Golf Swing Improvement Training Aid You Can Buy

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It is a rare sight to see somebody just walk up, grab a club and start playing with the ability to get the ball down the fairway with precise timing, avoiding any of the following mishaps.

  • Hitting the ball completely off the fairway
  • Creating a massive divot right behind the ball
  • Only hitting a short distance, sometimes not even past the tee
  • Completely over-shooting your target
  • Missing the ball completely

What’s the one thing all of those golfing mishaps have in common? The one thing that everyone, and we mean everyone, needs to master?

Yes, it is certainly timing.

Golf is a game of timing, having a fluent, crisp and in sync swing along with perfect club placement when making contact. Attempt to play a solid game on the green any other way is just wasting your time and money. Quit wasting your time and money and we will teach you how to improve golf swing techniques.

The pros have their swing timed to perfection, with every body part playing a specific role as they move in sync together in one beautifully fluent motion, performing a perfect range of motion. It’s an art almost and you just need the best golf training aids out there to paint your own picture.

Improving your golf swing can happen in no time when using Golf Swing Right Now’s Golf Swing Timing Improver. The timing improver is the answer to every question you have ever had about golf.

“How do I improve my golf swing timing?”

“How do I improve my golf swing technique?”

“What are the best golf training aids?”

Improve your swing timing in days. No short cuts? We found one…

Improve your swing timing in days.The timing improver is the pride and joy of, who offer this incredible way to improve your golf swing, along with other useful golf training aids and golf training equipment available at their store right now.
The timing improver is the only way to perfect your swing in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It looks like one of the clubs that you have sitting in your bag right now.

Just like the one that is still stained green from those vicious divots and digs you pulled the other day playing the back nine with a foursome of your buddies. Clean off those clubs and start using the timing improver and the next time you clean them, you are going to find them clean as a whistle, with nothing but golf ball out-prints slammed into the clubs’ face.

Golf Swing Right Now promises the Timing Improver will cut strokes off your golf score

Timing Improver will cut strokes off your golf scoreGolf Swing Right Now stands behind their products with confidence that allows them to be assertive when offering their great golf training aids. They know how effective their timing improver is, and they know that if you follow what they say and use the golf swing timing improver for at least 3 minutes a day, your score is going to be a lot smaller and the next time you hit the green you will be noticing a difference as vivid as night and day.

How does the Timing Improver actually work to improve my golf swing?

Timing Improver work to improve my golf swingAs we stated earlier, timing is everything in golf, it is the rock solid foundation to every talented and successful golfer on the planet. The problem is, most golfers don’t understand this and have been playing the game their own way for years while picking up terrible habits that render their entire technique to nothing more than a hope and prayer for every swing they take.

The Timing Improver is just like your normal club handle, except instead of a club head at the end like you would usually see you will find a weight that is equal to the feel of your full golf club. They suggest swinging Golf Swing Right Now’s Timing Improver at least 20-30 times or 3 minutes daily, and they say that for a real reason.

If you have the luxury of being able to bring your timing improver with you throughout your day, whether it is at home, with your buddies, the driving range, or best of all; your work office, then you must take advantage of its compact size and versatility.

  1. Find a space where you have room, so that you don’t damage the room you use it in
  2. Lay a coin down on the ground to resemble your golf ball
  3. Approach the coin like you would a golf ball and set your natural stance
  4. Match up the coin with the timing improver for the perfect width between you and the coin
  5. Start out small and swing back a little over half way on your back swing
  6. Keep your eyes locked to the coin
  7. Swing the timing improver lightly at first so you can get a feel for it
  8. Now that you have a good feeling on how it works, stand in a proper stance and line up to your coin again, and begin repetition
  9. Swing your timing improver 20-30 times daily, just like this until you have a crisp and even stroke
  10. Get out on the fairway to be blown away at your results

How does that improve your golf swing?

When you pick up and handle an object you can feel its weight instantly.

You apply a certain amount of strength to handle or hold that object.

Over time, you begin to get used to the weight of that object and your body strangely acclimates itself to it, remembering the weight of the object and your body applies the strength automatically.

Now apply that to same explanation of our bodies and how we acclimate to our surroundings.

When you swing a much lighter, but still flexible golf club like the Timing Improver, your body can move and get into sync as you swing this light club in repetition.

Once you have done this for a couple of days, you can then go back to your full sized club. When you walk up to your ball now, you just need to use the same approach. You will swing back just like you did with the light club with extra force giving the heavier club you are holding this time. Then when you swing down and follow through you will see an incredible speed along with a blast of power you never thought possible!

Go and get your Timing Improver today, and you will learn how to improve your golf game to extraordinary measures.

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