Best Way to Improve Golf Game

Want to know the Best way to improve Golf game?

There is no doubt that weather affects the golfer’s game. While some weather raising more havoc with the flight of the ball than others. Seasons not only affect the ball, but the golfers too. Weather conditions like rain, cold and wind make decisions on how you approach shots even more difficult. So, whats the best way to improve golf game?

So Clete Ryan – Director and Inventor of Golf Swing Timing Improver started researching solution in order to overcome bad weather conditions, allowing golfers to continue Golf practice and even make improvements to their swing. And finally Clete’s achieved his vision to develop a uniquely weighted, compact club with the ability to improve timing and golf score cards.

To help Clete’s idea of an Indoor Timing Improver become a reality, he enlisted the services of Justin Sirotin, a fellow Golfer with a handicap of three and one of the founders of ‘Mars Made’, (recruited by N.A.S.A., they designed and built the first earth made Mars landed Rover!)

Scientifically designed by a NASA Engineer with a handicap of 3, this Golf Swing Timing Improver’s unique shaft flexibility and specific weight provide a realistic follow through to improve your golf swing, even while indoors!

Golf Swing Timing Improver

Benefits of Golf Swing Timing Improver

  • Practise and improve your timing in all weather.
  • Use for 2-3 mins a day for real improvement in your game.
  • Warm up at home or just before the game.
  • Improve your timing for greater distance.
  • Improve your backswing and follow through.
  • Improve accuracy and distance on the course
  • Improves your club head striking speed.
  • Improves accuracy and distance on the course.
  • Play with great timing from the first tee.

Product Specification: 

Width: Widest part of grip 2.6 cm wide

Weight: 700 gm weight

Dimensions: 98cm long, 26cm wide , 2.7cm depth

Training Club  Length- 79.5 cm long.

Practise your Swing Anywhere! Anytime with GSRN's Time Improver for $47.95

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 GSRN’s Timing Improver is deliberately low tech, the Timing Improver needs no batteries or charge ups and remains usable in damp weather and if unused for a time (not that you’ll want to). To know if you’re swinging the Timing Improver correctly, head to our instructions on our website

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