2 Degrees, 2 Millimetres, a Slight Shift…Whatever You Call It, It Makes ALL the Difference!

Whether you’re talking about flying a jet plane, firing a rifle to hit a target or hitting a golf ball down a fairway, this rule is the same for all! You can start out with good intentions and a small 2mm calculation off, which is nothing initially can turn into an extensive mishap. More evident and far-reaching in a plane than on a golf course, however it can cause incredible frustration to the average golfer.


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What Differentiates A Beginners Golf Swing From A Professional One?

Beginner golfers are always seeking new methods to improve golf swing mechanics instead of perfecting their perfect golf swing technique while professional golfers have already grasped the correct approach for an effective golf swing which keeps improving in the act of practicing golf swing flexibility. The swing accuracy and technique of every golfer is different compared to others, but there are some major differences noticed between a beginner’s golf swing and a professional. One of the toughest milestones to achieve as a beginner golfer is a consistent golf swing and most are still hunting online for golf swing improvement tips instead of heading to their local professional for some individual coaching.


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Incredible Moments in History of Golf

Over the past years there have been many incredible moments in history of golf – from unbelievable shots to funny moments. Along with these funniest moments have been some less-than-stellar ones. Here are some examples of those moments that been a little more fun than usual on the course.

Moment 1: 

Smart Thief: Cheeky Fox Steals Golfer’s Wallet from his Bag and then runs off with it.


Fox Steals Golfer's Wallet

Curious fox wandered towards a bag of golf clubs and stuck its nose inside. It then pulled its head from the bag with a wallet in its mouth and ran away. Golfer was forced to give chase across course before fox dropped wallet.

Moment 2: 

Phil Mickelson falls on his Ass

Moment 3:

Herman causes mayhem on a golf course, including making doormat-size divots

Moment 4: 

So what if Otter’s stroke is closer to a hockey slapshot than a golf swing?

Moment 5: 

Woody takes a Swim

Moment 6:

Henrik Stenson at the Dubai Desert Classic suffered just a moment here when fluffing an attempted chip onto the green.

Moment 7:

Vijay Singh lined up to attempt the shot and produced a perfect Barnes-Wallace bouncing ball, rolling it onto the green and incredibly into the hole.

Moment 8:

Steve Lowery finds a “birdie” at the 17th at Sawgrass

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Secrets Revealed To Improve Golf Shot Accuracy

Getting an accurate golf shot is every golfer’s dream. However, this dream looks distant for most players. Very often you find players lined up in front of the tee box at the first hole.But neither the concentration nor smashing the ball hard can guarantee you the shot accuracy. It is quite frustrating and challenging and the initial enthusiasm seems to fade away with time.


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Tips to Consistently Hit The Golf Ball Straight

It is not easy to hit the golf ball straight. In fact, this was listed by the USA Today magazine as one of the most difficult things to do in sports. Most golfers feel frustrated to see their shots, hook or slice.  There is no better feeling than striding off your first tee knowing that you have hit the ball straight. Not only will this boost your confidence, but it will remove any self doubts.


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Achieving Great Success both in Business and On the Golf Course

Golf can be so much more than just a leisure sport. The world’s most popular game teaches a lot of lessons. These lessons help players develop better business acumen. Although, the business world is one of the constant competition, you can create a formidable business and become a force to be reckoned with. Golf and business are alike in the sense that they will test your strength, integrity, composure and patience in many ways. It can break down barriers and encourage the development of the common grounds. The golf course is an environment that is conducive for building long lasting connection and business relationships./


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A Golf Perspective on the Element of Trust

‘A round of golf is a window to the soul of a fellow player, in business and life.’

A round of golf is a window to the soul of a fellow player, in business and life.’ (AccountingWeb)

Think you know someone you’re looking at going into business with? Invite them for a round of golf –before documents are signed – the results may surprise you.

A vast array of natures, limitations and qualities are exposed over 18 holes.

  •  The arrogant winner, unable to contain delight at others short comings;
  •  When a player is hitting in the rough, frustrations surface and valuable opinions can be made as to how those frustrations are managed;
  •  An exhibition of patience, professionalism and general good golf manners won’t hold longer than 9 holes if out of character for a player;
  •  The Big One… The Cheat! It’s likely a cheat on the course will be comfortable enough to cheat in business and life.

59% of executives believe that the way a person plays golf is the way he or she behaves in

67% of respondents say that a person who cheats would probably cheat in business.


Purchase your GSRN Timing Improver and start improving your golf game today in your office, practice your full golf swing for just 3 minutes per day and your golf game will improve allowing you to focus your attention on evaluating your new potential associate.

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