Golf and Business

Make Your Best Business Connections Ever while Playing Golf

There’s no denying this is the time to be stepping up and putting in the extra hours and effort to keep your business growing, even if it is by millilitres instead of miles. It wasn’t long ago that just being good at what you do was enough to keep business pumping, however it seems we are in an autumn type economic season and quite possibly heading for a long, dark winter.


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You Know It’s Good For Business But Not Enjoying Golf Yet? – Get The Golf Bug! (Practice Makes Perfect)

Golf is an awesome game no doubt. But still you may wonder what the relationship is between golf and business in general. You may ask, “How is it good for business?” Well, the aim of this article is to help you understand the marriage between the two (business and golf). Beyond that you will see the need to become a golfer and no, you do not have to be a professional golfer.

In case you didn’t know, golf has for a long time been associated with the business scene. Statistics have shown that playing golf makes an important difference in the world of business. Aside from the fact that golf, like most sports enhances personal, professional, physical and mental well being, it can serve as an avenue for business transactions and deals to take place. It has a special way of bringing together people of all ages who are from various works of life. Most business professionals see golf as the ultimate networking tool.


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Lonely at the Top? It’s Lonelier at the Bottom!

Golf is great for business, well it can be if you’re up with the pack, in the action. Get yourself stuck in the rough or way out of left field and you’ll find it’s probably not too helpful for business at all.

A good round of golf creates a comradery that’s hard to replicate in the confines of an office. Stories are shared, success’s and not so success’s, family, friends and contacts. Compared with maybe a one hour meeting in your office, you now have four hours to discover likes and intense aversions, creating an opening for future business decisions and meetings to be instilled with the flavour of ‘likes’ learned and avoiding blunders, steering well clear of ‘dislikes’.

Also great opportunity to find out what drives your fellow player, find his or her purpose for the time and effort they put into business. Knowing a individual’s ‘why’ is an immensely powerful tool, not to be exploited but transformed, enlightening an associate to how you’re able to assist in achieving that goal.
How has it worked for others?

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