Essential Tips for improving your long iron shots

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A long iron shot is a crucial aspect of your golf game and one that can not go without notice. With a solid long iron game, you can slash your strokes in half and be capable of beating numerous experienced golfers. You certainly need hours of practice using golf equipment training aids, indoor golf training aids, and of course,golf swing training aids to achieve this level of mastery. So many golfers attempt to just swing as hard as they can, hoping that they can correct the short drive they just pulled or get their ball back onto the fairway. Many amateur golfers don’t answer their golf training needs and find themselves chasing their balls back and forth in a Z pattern while their friends stand and watch impatiently.

Your distance is particular to you and only you. What iron you decide to use for your shot is not the same iron that your best friend is going to hit with. So with that, to understand how to hit with your long irons, you need to first understand how far you hit with your 2-, 3-, and 4- irons. Once you have a rough idea of that, it comes time to choose which iron you want to whack that ball far down the fairway with. You won’t be playing a guessing game. You will know exactly which iron you are going to use, and most importantly why.

A majority of amateur golfers will find that hitting with your shorter irons and middle irons is much easier than your long irons. Why is that? Because the flatter the face of your clubhead, the longer the shaft will be, thus creating more width between you and your ball. The bigger the width between the two, the longer is the swing. This makes it difficult for you to hit your ball accurately with the proper stroke because you have less control over your club.

As we said before, indoor golf training aids can be very beneficial to you. By using golf training equipment at an indoor facility, you can master your swing by hitting into a net rather then out on a course where you can lose countless balls, hold up the course, or if you are on the driving range; blow through bags and bags of balls racking up your bill.

Essential Tips for improving your long iron shots

Follow these golf swing training aids to assist you in getting the perfect swing and blow away your golf buddies the next time you all head to the course.

If you feel you have many golf training needs, then these tips would certainly help you raise your game to a higher level:

  1. Your Set-Up 

Decide which one of your long irons is going to get you to the green the quickest. Remember that this is different for everyone and that through your golf swing training aids,you are going to need to get a feel for what’s right for you.  Choose your long iron wisely.

  1. Your Approach 

This can vary as well but if you want to maintain the sync in your swing and body you need to approach your ball correctly. For beginners, we suggest to place your lead foot two steps ahead of your ball’s location and if that is still causing you problems, then center yourself like you would with your short irons. If you stand too far behind your ball, you won’t be able to make proper contact with the ball and your accuracy is going to be off.  If necessary stand with the ball in the middle of your stance like you would with a shorter iron.

  1. Your Grip 

When you have the proper approach figured out, you need to adjust your grip and handle of your long iron club. Place your dominant hand on the bottom and your opposite hand on top of that, connected together at the middle of your club handle and interlocking your index finger of your opposite hand. Next lay the head of your club square to the ball and while doing this, keep your arms straight for a solid swing. Hold your club in a way that its head is squared and in line with your left or right foot depending on which one is your lead. It should be similar to how you stand for your drive and it helps you maintain a tight and even swing to make a perfect contacted hit and follow through.

  1. Your Head Movement 

Your head’s position is one of the biggest factors deciding how your swings turn out. Pulling your head up or in the wrong direction during your swing and follow through can cause your club head to be off. Even with the slightest misdirection, your ball can bounce off your club head and into the opposite direction you had planned for. Keep your head straight and in line with your ball, keep your eyes on the ball all the way from your backswing to your contact and follow through. Your head should stay still adjusting only with your shoulders and upper body during your swing. This will increase your accuracy and give you that spot on hit you have been searching for.

  1. Your Swing

Obviously, your swing is going to be an important piece to the puzzle. But you can’t get to a proper swing without following the golf swing training aids we have listed so far. Once you have found the proper approach and stance, you will automatically feel comfortable. When you swing down at the ball, aim to square your face so that once the slope of your club head begins, that point hits the middle of your ball. Once you achieve that, don’t stop, you must always follow through with your swing, bringing your eyes with the ball as you watch it soar through the air and bounce right next to the green.

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