Q1 How will I strike the ball better?

Golf’s about timing. This compact Timing Improver training aid from Golf Swing Right Now (GSRN) improves timing, swing and distance while offering the convenience of training anywhere, anytime. You will strike the golf ball better, smoother and sweeter than you ever have before.

Q2 Where can I use it and for how long?

It can be used both indoors (due to its compact length) and outdoors for practise, pre-game warm-up, etc. Because this training aid emulates the swing and full weight follow through of a real golf club, you will see noticeable improvements in your game from as little as a few minutes regular use a day.

Q3 How does it feel when you swing it?

The Golf Swing Right Now training aid feels so realistic (just like a real full length golf club with a fully weighted follow through) that Golfers tell us they can’t wait to pick it up again. They say it’s quite exciting to reach for a compact GSRN Timing Improver you can pick up and swing whenever or wherever you want when you have a couple of spare minutes, it feels like you’re on the course.

Q4 How will there be improvement in my swing or overall golf game?

Our unique Timing Improver will correct and improve your golf swing by adjusting the timing, swing speed and rhythm of your individual Golf Swing. Improved timing and swing speed will also assist with distance and become a natural part of your overall game. A common correction problem in Golf is the Golf Swing.

Q5 Can I hit a golf ball with it?

No, however the unique design of the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver training aid allows you to feel like you are swinging a real golf shot with a fully weighted follow through.

Q6 Why is the shaft so flexible?

That’s a great question! The flexibility of the unique scientifically designed Acetal natural rod shaft with internal reinforced stainless steel importantly provides the exact feeling of swinging a full size club.

At the same time the specifically weighted stainless steel pinned head assists with a real feel follow through.

To understand how this Timing Improver works, think of it like a type of pendulum. The weights on the end of the flexible shaft give it a natural rhythm. It feels very smooth when you swing with this natural rhythm. But if you try to fight the pendulum, you get not so nice jarring feedback.

Similarly, if you start your downswing too quickly with your arms the Timing Improver will pull you off balance. The same thing happens if your lower body gets too far ahead of your upper body.

With continued use, it becomes easy to time your golf swing when you are using the GSRN Timing Improver!

Q7 What is different about golf swings?

Golf Swings are like people. Everyone is different in their own unique way. At GSRN we are not trying to change your swing style that may feel comfortable to you. We are giving you the opportunity to improve the way you strike a golf ball forever.

Q8 Does one size fit all? Is it for advanced Golfers or only beginners?

Yes, no matter what level of golf you play the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver will help your all round golf game. It will assist through improved timing and improved striking of the ball including greater fairway distance and accuracy.

Q9 Will this product help my golf game when I can’t get to the course?

It was originally designed to help golfers cope with the frustration of bad weather restrictions when unable to play a round outdoors. The GSRN Timing Improver will assist with keeping your golf skills honed. Timing and rhythm will stay on track when unable to play or access a golf course. The initial focus was on providing an alternative that felt like a real golf action and could also be used indoors.

Q10 What if I just don’t like it?

In the unlikely event you don’t want to keep your unique GSRN Timing Improver, we guarantee a 30 day no questions asked 100% money back return! Please keep all your packaging for return addressing as we would appreciate the packaging returned. Our company mission is ‘We strive to assist golfers to take strokes off their game!’ We have a strong desire to achieve this as we understand the link between better golf and better life results, better careers, better rewards, better success, and so it rolls on… So with this simple but unique GSRN training aid our company goal is to make your golf practice more instant, more accessible, and more satisfying. Please make sure you have followed the package instructions for how to swing the aid and try it for a least a minute to a few minutes a day for several days to feel the difference in the timing of your swing for yourself.

Q11 Why is your practice club different to others?

We have created a uniquely flexible, specifically weighted and compact length club that you can use anywhere, anytime and it feels like swinging a real club with a full follow through. We’ve spent years in development and research to scientifically design and build something that could be used both indoors or outdoors that emulated an actual golf club swing and will improve swing speed timing.

Q12 Will this club help my overall golf game?

It will assist through improved timing and improved striking of the ball including greater fairway distance and accuracy.

Q13 I hate boring practice. How much time will I really have to spend using the Improver Club training aid?

In this very busy world, by swinging our uniquely weighted Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver regularly, only a minute to a few minutes a day will make a noticeable difference to your game and it’s not like boring practice! Golfers tell us they can’t wait for a break in their day to get a few addictive swings in!

Q14 Will it really make a difference?

Yes. We guarantee that by using this ground breaking uniquely weighted training aid product for only a minute to a few minutes a day your overall golf game will improve. We also stand by our money back guarantee.

Q15 How long until I see results with my swing?

You will see immediate results if used as per the instructions and if used regularly. After years of research, our scientifically designed Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver absolutely works to take strokes off your golf game, if used regularly and by following the simple instructions. We guarantee that by using this ground breaking uniquely weighted product for only a minute to a few minutes a day your overall golf game will improve through better timing.

Q16 I read it’s compact. What size is it, is it heavy?

The Golf Swing Right Now Improver Training Club weighs 700 grams is 79.5cm long and the widest part of the grip is 2.6cm wide.

Q17 Will I hit a golf ball further down the fairway by using you're training aid?

Yes. The importance of timing and rhythm of your general Golf Swing on your score card just can’t be underestimated. You will find by using the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver, your improved swing will create substantially greater distance and accuracy on the fairway and in the round.

Q18 How do I know if I’m using it correctly?

Simple. All you have to do is pick it up and start swinging. Remember everyone’s golf swing is different and this club is designed to teach you the correct speed to hit a golf ball using your swing. After only a few minutes you will feel your rhythm for your swing and unlock the secret of how other golfers hit a ball so far, timing. There is no such thing as the perfect swing but with perfect timing you will change your game forever. There’s no swinging it wrong. Of course there are instructions on the packaging and they need to be read and then followed. When regularly using the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver training aid you will start to feel the difference in swing rhythm for yourself.

Q19 Why do so many people talk about it being convenient?

The Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver offers the convenience of training anywhere and anytime of day or night. This is because it has a compact size and is shorter than a full size golf club. Due to its special unique flexible shaft and weight it feels incredibly like swinging a real full size club with realistic follow through. It’s quite portable and convenient to use.

Q20 What is the Timing Improver made out of?

The materials are of a sturdy quality built product designed to last.  The uniquely flexible tension shaft is made of Acetal natural rod with a blend of reinforced stainless steel.  The Timing Improver has a specifically weighted stainless steel pinned head. There is also a strong magnet inserted in the top of the grip which is made of a hardened rubber compound. The magnet is for a future arm guide product that will particularly suit beginners or hackers and help their shot timing. The Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver training aid has been designed with the input of a NASA scientist who plays off a 3 handicap. It is weighted to feel just like swinging a full size club with a scientifically weighted backswing follow through.

Q21 It does feel like a real club so can someone get hurt if I hit them accidentally?

Yes, there is a warning notice to read the Terms and Conditions on the packaging. You must be aware of whom or what is around you and use caution. Because it is so compact, it is versatile and can be swung in unusual and indoor places. Should the heavy weighted head produce a solid accidental strike to a passerby, serious injury or death could occur. Normal safety awareness of your surroundings will avoid any accidents.

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