Golf For Dummies: What Golf Clubs To Use When?

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Planning on taking up golf as a hobby? Or you desire to become a professional golfer? Do you seek answers to how to improve golf skills?Maybe you already play golf but can’t just pick the right club to execute particular shots.As a beginner golfer, knowing which golf club to use for every shot is something you should master and fast.

Identify the various types of golf clubs every golfer must have in the set. A standard golf club set contains 14 clubs. Irons, wedges, woods, putters and hybrids are some types of clubs a golfer should have in his bag.The clubs you pick should depend on your playing style and the level of skills. Knowing the average distance you achieve with each of your clubs is another step towards selecting an appropriate golf club to use for specific shots.

To discover your average golf distance, use each of your golf clubs to hit at least 50 balls each. Then exclude the 5 shortest and 5 longest distances you achieved with each club to arrive at your average with the remaining. Also, the club makeup, quality, and uses, determine at what stage you should use them.Knowledge of these makes it much easier for you to choose the right club that will cover the required distance at any given time during golf rounds.


Golf DriverThese are mostly long-shafted, large headed clubs. Drivers are the longest wood, designed to propel the ball farther from the tee towards the fairway.

It produces the maximum height for the ball while minimizing side spins for straighter golf shots. Drivers have the least loft among all woods. It is the 1-wood or number one wood.



Golf IronsThey cover shorter distances. Irons are used for shots when the ball is 200 yards from the green. Chip, layout, approach and pitch shots off the tee are shots made with irons towards the green. These clubs get their name from the shaft or club head, which is made of metal -graphite or steel. Irons have very thin, grooved club heads that help improve your golf game. The styles of irons include muscle back, blade and cavity back, which is suitable for beginners (the first two are used mostly by professionals).

Irons have more loft than woods; this means that they can take the ball farther.A set of irons come in numbers ranging from 1 to 9 irons with increasing degree of loft. For instance, the 1,2 and 3 irons are called long irons; they have the least loft while the 9 iron has the highest loft.Mastering the 1 and 2 irons is not easy; they’re the most difficult. The middle irons are 4, 5 and 6 irons, often used when the ball is within 150 to 170 yards from the green. 7, 8 and 9 irons are referred to as the short irons.


Golf WoodsWoods will aid you improve golf shot consistency. When used correctly, woods have the ability to thrust the ball as far as 200 to 350 yards. The club heads of these clubs were mainly made out of wood, which is how it got its name. However, the most recent versions are made with alloys such as titanium and steel. Wood club head is round and large with a flat base that makes it easier for it to slide just above the ground during the downswing.The higher the number of a wood, the more the loft it has.


The Putters

Golf PuttersThese are excellent putting training aids. These lower loft clubs are balanced, used for the surface around the green. It is the club that is mostly used in the entire collection.Putters have flatter club heads and they come in different sizes. A standard putter is about 34 to 35 inches in length. In case a player has difficulty using a standard putter, the broomstick and belly putters are available.These are a lot taller and give players better chances with the putting stroke.

Do you wish to play better golfing by putting better? Putters are best used for hitting the ball low on the ground; so that it rolls towards the hole.They are used to achieve shorter, low-speed strikes.There are various golf putting training aids that are available for purchase.


Golf WedgesThese clubs set the ball in flight high enough to land on the fairway.There are various types of wedges namely,pitch wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and gap wedge. The pitch wedge can be used to hit the ball when it’s about 130 yards away from the green.A lob wedge is a go-to club when a golfer needs to escape a bunker faster but cover lesser yardage. A sand wedge is any golfer’s choice to surmount bunkers and roughs. Gap/approach wedge, on the other hand, is used for a full swing that is intended by a golfer to cover about 110 yards.

Wedges possess more loft than all other clubs. A lob wedge for instance, has a loft as high as 64 degrees, whereas; a pitching wedge has a loft of about 46 to 51 degrees. Usually, a golf set comes with a pitching wedge while all others are separately acquired.


Golf HybridsThese are otherwise known as utility clubs. Hybrids are made with a combination of wood and irons so as to possess the ability to achieve greater distance like wood with the improved mechanics of iron.They are made basically to execute long shots out of hazards and areas with trees or tall grasses; used to cross the ball into the hole. Hybrids have a loft of about 17 to 23 degrees. Because of the ease with which hybrids hit the ball, they are fast replacing long irons for most golfers.

After you have mastered the art of using the right golf club to improve your golf game. Next rely on the golf training aids like Golf Swing Right Now to improve golf swing timing, improve golf swing consistency, golf swing tempo and golf swing mechanics. Simply use this training aid for three minutes daily right from the comfort of your home or office or practice golf in backyard and you will see a marked improvement in your score and game.

First, you need to know the fundamentals of the game and find golf swing training aids that work. These golf training aids include clubs to meet your golf training needs.

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