Want to know about some of the hardest Shots in Golf?

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Golf by itself is one of the most difficult sports to play. So many don’t realize it, until they actually go out and play. It takes years of using golf training equipment, and golf swing training aids to even hit the ball straight. It’s a game of mental focus, finesse, and eagle-eyed vision which is too frustrating for some of us to even attempt to play, or to stay motivated enough to want to play. However, if we would at least use golf training aids that are accessible, we would all be able to play golf at a higher level.

Golf courses work to make things even more difficult for us. Not only do you need to perfect your swing by using variousgolf training aids but you have to be able to hit the ball through what amounts to basically an obstacle course for your ball. You must hit it up, down, side ways, curve it, and have the gentle touch to putt your ball into the hole. Every shot is a new task, and every shot requires a new strategy and analysis. Some golf training aids can only take you so far, and it is when you are actually face to face with an impossible shot that you have to rely more on your instincts.

There are some ridiculously hard shots that you will face when you play. Play, where it lies, is the basis of this game, and you must obey it if you ever want to be taken seriously as a golfer.

So what are some of the hardest shots in the game? Well, if you ask yourself “how do I improve my golf game?” then you have come to the right place. Because if you are able to hit these following shots consistently when faced, then you will be one step closer to becoming a great golfer. We will give you expert tips to improve your golf game with each shot.

1.)  Buried in Thick Rough

Golf Hardest Shot Buried in Thick Rough

Few shots in golf can be as infuriating as when you had a mishap on the previous shot, and now find yourself a little bit off the course. This shot can be very difficult before you even line up to take it. Searching for a ball that has landed in some thick rough is no fun, and can take up a lot of time.



Expert Tip

  • Always use a traditional white ball or neon colored—it makes searching a lot easier

With your ball now sunk into the thick muck and grass, you have to figure out how you are going to get this ball back on the green. Assessing your shot, you find that those golf swing training aids are going to be handy on this one. But this shot isn’t always in some muck, sometimes you are in a ton of brush, grass thick and tall, so that you can only see the top of your ball, or you have tree right in your way.

Expert Tips

  • If a tree is right in front of you, either get creative and lucky and try to ricochet it off another tree–bouncing it on to the green or you take the safe but painful route and tap your ball to the side to get the tree out of your way.
  • When in the muck, make sure you grab a high angled wedge
  • Always bend your knees and follow through on your swing
  • Take a few practice swings

2. ) Wedge Over Body of Water

Wedge over a body of water

This is a golf course designer’s favorite as having a body of water anywhere on the golf course increases the difficulty level immensely. Unless you have a pretty solid power swing or have used certain golf training equipment to properly train you to power over these bodies of water, you’re going to have a difficult time. Nailing the perfect swing, at the right angle, and with the right wedge. That will take your ball completely over the water and safely to the other side of the green is a tall order that even some professional golfers struggle with. So don’t get down on yourself if you are having a lot of trouble with this shot, it takes time and practice. I suggest indoor golf training simulators and nets, for most of these shots.

Expert Tip

  • Try to avoid water at all costs and hit around the water. It’s a safer bet to add a stroke or two to stay on the green then being penalized for losing your ball in the pond.
  • If your going to try this shot, bring lots of balls in your bag and don’t use any of your favorites, you might lose them.

3. ) Buried in a Sand Bunker

Buried in a Sand Bunker

Another trick up the golf course designer’s sleeve, and a trademark of the game of golf, the sand bunkers are the some of the worst place you can be on a golf course. As soon as you see your ball with that perfect backspin heading for the putting green, and then poof. Right in the sand. What’s even worse, is watching your ball unintentionally roll right into the bunker as it slides down leaving a perfect little path from your ball.


Play where it lies.

It is so difficult because your ball is on an uneven ground, and the ground forms to anything that touches it. So when you swing down at your ball, the smallest misstep on your swing can make you just eat a big mouth of sand. How many times have you hacked at your ball over and over again with no success?

Expert Tips

  • Biggest mistake most common golfers make is not using the proper wedge. Use your sand wedge every time, and if you are missing yours, borrow it from a friend playing with you
  • Dig a divot right behind where your ball is placed without moving it at all
  • Swing down at the ball and into the divot to make contact with your ball, sending it up and over to your green

4. ) 3 -4 Foot Putt

3 -4 Foot Putt

We have all been here. You are on par or looking at under. You nailed your drive 200 yards down the fairway and then you pick the perfect wedge to pop your ball right on the green. You watch in excitement as your ball lands right next to the hole, about 3 or 4 feet away, maybe closer. That’s a personal win for most in golf and it’s a feeling of relief. You are now one putt away from playing your best hole all day.

But that’s the thing. You need to putt and for as much emphasis as there is on driving and chipping, players don’t nearly focus enough on their short game. If you can’t knock down your putts, then everything else before it is meaningless because your four putts to the hole just destroyed that great drive and chip shot.

Putting takes preparation, time, concentration, and just the right touch. The pressure of making it can make it difficult all on its own, everything relies on it and if you find yourself in front of an audience, then you got even more to worry about. That’s is why Tiger Woods was so legendary. The guy would sink incredibly long putts surrounded by thousands of people, for the Masters or the US Open! But we are not Tiger Woods, so this is potentially the hardest shot in golf.

Expert Tips

  • Bend down and map the green for hills and turns, you have to be ready for anything to disrupt your shot.
  • Line yourself up next to your ball and swing a few practice swings to get your body used to motion.
  • Ask your group to stay quiet politely as you need all your focus
  • Imagine the shot in your mind before you take it
  • Keep your arms straight and your feet planted
  • Use what you mapped earlier to hit the ball using the hills and turns to your advantage
  • Swing past ball with the right amount of strength and follow through
  • Keep your eye on the ball and follow your eyes with your swing and then to the ball

These are the hardest shots in golf, you probably have faced all of them once or twice already, and hopefully next time you can use these tips to improve your golf game and impress your friends and family. Don’t get frustrated, remember golf is a game of patience and nobody will ever be a pro instantly.  But by using these tips and few golf training aids, you can hit these shots with ease. So the first thing you should do after reading this? Head to your local Golf Store and purchase GSRN’s Timing Improver, get your swing down at all three levels.  Practice, Learn, Adapt, and you will improve your golf game to levels you never thought were possible.

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