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When you think of snow with regards to your favorite game – golf, one of the thoughts that comet your mind is; how can I play golf in the snow? Are you a die-hard player of the gentleman’s game? Don’t let layers of snow in the cold winter months stop you from enjoying the game.Its quite true that golf is a game best played during the warmer months. But it doesn’t mean that you have to pack up your golf clubs and sit out the bad weather.

So, can you play golf in the snow? Absolutely!Yes, it is possible.Just as some pros use the winter to practice and improve, as an amateur, you can also improve your beginner golf swing regardless of the weather. Stop asking; how can I reduce my golf strokes? Rather, gear up for practice. There is a lot you can do during the winter months to lower your golf handicap. Unless you plan on heading south during winter,utilize the winter to work on the areas in your swing and overall game that suffered during the just-concluded season.

In winter off season, most other players may be chilling out in their warm homes; less concerned about how to improve golf game in winter. During the winter months, the weather conditions definitely not going to be in your favor. Interestingly, you can use that to your advantage. The trick to playing golf in the winter is staying warm and keeping your golf equipment equally warm. Warm up a golf club and your golf balls.

How to play golf in the snow

It’s really not that bad – fun playing golf in the snow. Make playing golf in the snow, your personal challenge. Many golfers out there wouldn’t mind rounds of golf in the winter, for the love of golf. When the snow starts clearing off the ground, finding golf courses that are open is easy. The fees are lower plus, you can get three hour golf rounds unlike in summer. During winter,temporary greens are used on courses, making putting a whole lot harder.

The wonderful thing about playing golf in the snow is that you get to burn some calories. This happens because your body tends to disburse more energy in a bid to retain core warmth.Water hazards are mostly frozen while trees have already shed all their leaves. So they don’t pose much of a problem.To be able to play the world’s number one sport in these conditions though, you have to adhere to these guidelines.

Wear protective clothes

How can I practice golf in a bad weather? It is important for your core to stay warm throughout the period of your exposure to the cold. Keep your head warm in a thick head wear. It could be the kind that covers your ear lobes or the ones with ear-flaps sewn into them. Your clothing should consist of layers of warm cloths like turtle necked, golf fleece paired with warm pants.

Wear an insulated T-shirt,wool stocking sand ensure your feet stay warm in snowshoes. Top it off with a windbreaker.Flexibility can be a huge problem haven wrapped up yourself in warm cloths. All those clothes can prevent you from making a full turn during the game. But of course it is to be expected. Looking on the bright side, this can prevent mis-hits resulting from overs winging.

Get gloves on

First of all, gloves are an essential part of your attire because it will keep you warm. Secondly, it will greatly help you with gripping the golf club properly. This would invariably improve your swing whilst you are out there in the cold. Unlike the warmer months when you may wear a glove for one hand, you will need a pair of gloves during the winter. Without them, consistently hitting the ball straighter may be difficult. Proper golf club grip is needed as the frozen ground would make it extremely hard for you to play your irons.

Correct golf clubs

Most snow golfers prefer to use woods and hybrids due to the fact that irons are more easily affected by the cold. The cold weather messes with the flexibility of the clubs by stiffening the club’s face and shaft. To improve golf game over winter, a 7-iron is recommended by experts.

Select the right kind of ball

Golf swing improve distance is next to impossible this time of year as the air density can inhibit the distance of the ball flight in the snow. If you must play and enjoy golf in the snow, select the right type of ball.Be warned that a white golf ball may not be the best for playing in the snow. The reason is not far fetched, white balls can get lost in the snow. So, pick colored balls.

Regular golf balls, I mean the kind used in summer, are harder. So aside from the color, choose softer balls with low compression.The cold from the snowy floor will make a softer ball harder and its low compression can propel it further. Always try to keep the ball core warm. One way to do this is by rotating the ball in your pockets.In addition, store your golf balls in your house where the temperature is warmer.

Draw up a practice/play plan

To play or practice golf in winter, be prepared to have a face off with the weather. Do not get discouraged or be tempted to back out. The winter is one opportunity to get back to the drawing board and review your shortcomings in the previous season. To improve the game right from the comfort of your home, it is best to rely on the Golf Swing Right Now training aid, Timing Improver. This training aid is compact enough to use indoors and is garenteed to help you improve your golf swing, golf consistency and speed with regular practice.

Stay focused on your goal to improve your golf game. Having a winter golf practice plan would do a lot to improve your short game in the next season. Although you can practice with willing golfers such as yourself, also you can hire a coach or a golf swing trainer. Don’t forget to warm up for golf.

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