How Can I Reduce My Golf Strokes?

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No matter who and where you are, you’re going to hit bad shots in every round.  You need something concrete to drop those unwanted strokes and achieve a better golf score. On a good day, everything is great. Tee shots are straight and far; putts are true and short; the sand wedge is left in the bag; and no hooks nor slices. But when things go wrong, it is hard to get slices, hooks, traps, short putts got longer, topped tees shots right. It is at this moment you ask yourself, what did I do wrong? And how can I reduce my golf strokes? The key to turning bad rounds into good ones not to hit the same bad shot twice. Without the right amount of caution and attention paid to the shots, you need to make sure that those scores wrecking shots don’t happen more than once.

Trust me, you don’t want to be the average golfer, but you can sometimes make the persuasive mistake that makes you look weakened and discouraged. The quickest way to reduce your golf strokes, during the initial stages is to get golf clubs that fit. Another way to improve your golf game easily is by keeping your left wrist flat. When the left wrist flips during the swing, the golf club head is likely to travel in an upward direction, while, actually it should move forward and down towards the swing. How this works is when putting, focus on your shoulders moving the arms and the flat wrist. Position the left wrist on the golf grip in such a way that your wrist lines up and match the flat club face.  Embracing a flat wrist is an amazing swing dynamic to work on, and many golfers seem to overlook it. If you keep working on a flat wrist, you will see great results.

To reduce your golf strokes and attain better golf score tips, you’ve got to pay close attention to the fixes below that will help you reduce your golf strokes, and shatter your scoring barrier.  There are many easy fixes to answer your, “How can I reduce my golf strokes?” question in a matter of minutes. You need to be vigilant with your methods on a game day, and you’ll notice the difference in strokes instantly. Below, you’ll discover six common-wrecking strokes and how you can fix them to lower your golf strokes and attain better golf score tips:

Stroke 1: The Pop-Up

The pop-up is particularly nullifying, it is disheartening and a weak shot, but it’s most likely to leave what’s called an “idiot mark” on the crown of your driver just above the face. Most golfers who pop their tee shots do so because they swing too aggressively supporting their upper body and, as a result, push the golf ball at an extremely steep angle. A simple practice to reduce such a golf stroke is to relax the upper body and start better rotation of the lower body. The secret is simply to relax the arms and use the body strength. Why this change will make a difference is because then you’ll shallow-out your plane, and your arms will imitate the rest of your body instead of leading it. With this, you’ll embrace a more level swing plane, and bid goodbye-forever to an “idiot mark” for good.

Stroke 2: The Topped Tee Shot

Golf Topped Tee Shot

At times the harder you try hitting the ball higher, the more you top the ball and drive it into the ground. It happens with golfers who hang back and hit straight up on the ball. To completely avoid such a stroke, imagine you’re hitting two golf balls at the same time. The first golf ball is positioned where you normally tee it up. The second is a few inches in front of the target. When you concentrate on the second ball more than the first, you’ll be more inclined to make a sweeping motion with the first golf ball. It results in your leaning back less and preventing the topped tee shot.

Stroke 3: The Big Slice

Golf - The Big Slice Shot

The only way to kill that slice is embracing a much less tight grip pressure before swinging the club away. If you grasp the club too tight, you will witness problem in releasing the hands, resulting in a big and frustrating slice. Before the swing, make sure to have a good feel of the golf club. Loosen your grip pressure for you to hold the club securely, serving as a gentle reminder where the hands should be positioned at impact, thus defeating that nasty slice.

Stroke 4: Bladed Chips

Bladed Chips Golf Shot

Bladed chips usually arise when golfers try to lift the ball from off the ground too hard. There are many other flaws that can result in bladed chips, but this one is the most common. To avoid this situation, it is suggested to practice hitting a few shots with a tee roughly about three to four inches in front of the ball. As you hit the stroke, ensure with each chip that you clip that tee and pop it up off the ground. This simple practice will guide you to stay down and through over your chips and stop blading the ball and wasting strokes on the green.

Stroke 5: Chunked Pitch Shots

These nasty pitch shots arise when golfers’ right shoulder is way lower than their left shoulder while aiming for that swing, ultimately hitting the turf before the ball. There is too much negative tilt,which causes chunked pitch shots that are otherwise extremely easy to make. To correct this, you need to a consider leveling your right shoulder to your left by attaining a more balanced spine tilt,that means don’t raise your left shoulder so far above your right. By doing this, you aim straight for the ball, and then the ground.

Stroke 6: A Thin Shot

Golfers can hit it thin by trying to lift the ball off the ground and into the air. It accounts for an unsuccessful golf shot that’s the last thing competent golfers want to do. The best way to avoid thinning it is by focusing on straightening up your left arm and stacking it over your left leg. This way your successful golf shot is one that hits down into the turn not further away from it. If you embrace a better-stacked position on your left side, that is left shoulders to left arm and left leg, you make a much better impact and avoid a thin shot stroke.

Apart from these shorts, you can even rely on the golf training aids like Golf Swing Timing Improver.  This golf training device helps in improving the golf swing, improve golf shot distance, improve golf shot consistency and improve golf shot accuracy.

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