How important is Golf training Over the Off Season?

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Off season is that time of year when competitive or  professional golfing is not going on. At such a time, golf training is something that will be of immense benefit to golfers  of all ages. This will help you return prepared the next season.  So, as the golf season wraps up and summer gives way for the  cold winter, remember that you need to remain in top shape  for the next season. Off season should be seen as a time to  identify areas where you can make improvements; not a time  to rest on your oars. It is the time to find ways to stay sharp and focused, improve your skills and overcome your weaknesses.

Importance of off season Golf training

The off season can be divided into two major parts namely; the rest and recuperation phase and the pre-season stage.

First Phase: The rest and recuperation

The first phase is self explanatory. This is one of the most important things to do during the off season. It should be topmost on your priority list. The off season will give you enough time to visit your doctor and address all injuries as well as carry out a thorough medical check up. Injuries impede progress and slow you down. You have to treat them and hope for complete and speedy recovery before the next season. Wounds need to heal properly to be able to unleash the pro in you and realize your full potential as a golfer. Avoid the activities that cause you pain, especially the ones that affect your muscles. Some of the tips that can help you gear up for the next season are:

  1. It is time to get rid of those extra kilos if you are overweight. Sure, there are good golfers that are overweight, but that does not justify being overweight. At the end remember losing weight will improve muscle toning and help you play better.
  2. Identify your shortcomings and try to improve on them. Start by enhancing your balance for the proper stance. If necessary, change your approach towards the game that may have led you to make mistakes or choices that did not favor you during the season. Consider enlisting the assistance of a coach or golf pro to help you improve on your shortcomings.
  3. Eat right and drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables; they contain a lot of fiber and necessary vitamins that help repair your body tissues and muscles. It is ok to have a sweet tooth and guess what? You don’t have to give up all that delicious stuff like your favorite pizza, burger, cakes and so on. However, you need to reduce the quantity and minimize your intake for a healthier you.
  4. Get a physical assessment from a doctor. This assessment will reveal to you the things that your body can and cannot do or handle. It will be super helpful when you start training with a golf training professional. He will be aware of the areas of flexibility in order not to assign painful tasks to you. This way he can focus on areas of weaknesses to strengthen them.

Second Phase: Pre-season stage

Phase two is the part which involves you doing certain types of training or exercise to get in shape. Begin an off season training program or join a gym. Everybody can’t be the same, find what works for you. It is very easy to let your guard down during the off season and reinforce certain habits that are not healthy for your golf career. Going to the gym will keep you in shape and add to your stamina. Below are some major training and exercises a golfer needs to partake to return better at the next season.

Golf swing training

Golf is a game that requires precision and golf swing consistency is very important. You may have encountered some challenging moments during the season with respect to your swings. Off season is the perfect time to perfect the swing that may have cost you a good number of hits during the season. Get your swings right through Golf swing training drills. Consistent training preps your muscles for more accurate hits. With this training miss hits will reduce and help you perform better. You can practice regularly at home, or in your garage. Take a few minutes every day to do this exercise.

This will greatly increase your level of confidence by the time you get back on the field. You don’t necessarily need to change your mechanics if you hit a bad shot. What you need to do is to change your mindset and mental attitude. Every shot does not have to be perfect; just keep doing your best. Your main focus should be on the end result.

Cardiovascular exercises

Stay loose and flexible. Golf is a sport that involves lots of walking so, during off season, you should as a matter of necessity, include walking and jogging to your exercise routines. Walking for several miles is a great work out which will help you stay fit. In addition, it will boost your cardiovascular fitness. One of the goals of this kind of exercise is to develop and improve on abilities and skills that are required to execute excellent golf swings.

Strength conditioning training

This training covers stability training, mobility/flexibility, power training and neuromuscular efficiency development. During the season, it is important for you to keep up your strength and overall wellbeing. But it is even more important to do it off season because then you have all the time.

Swinging is very demanding and if your body is not toned or balanced enough to take the swings, it could result in miss hit or result in the injuries. Make the best of the time to strengthen the muscles that are necessary to be a professional golfer.

Stretching program

Incorporate this training program into your off season agenda too. Like the cardiovascular exercises, stretching is also crucial to improve your flexibility. As a golfer grows older the body starts to grow stiffer and flexibility becomes a problem. A program specifically meant for golf swing will help you do a lot better. This problem can drastically reduce the driving distance. Do a few simple stretches every day to improve body flexibility.

Other kinds of fun exercise to do during the off season

Always see the off season as a pre-season and motivate yourself to improve your form. Here are a few other fun things you can do during the pre-season; the line drill, hitting ping-pong balls, back strengthening exercises and rotational exercises. Use slow movements when doing back exercises. Rotational exercises are golf related, it is the movement your body makes when you take a swing.

Last but not the least, remember that it is very important to be dedicated and focused to bring out the best.

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