Secrets Revealed To Improve Golf Shot Accuracy

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Getting an accurate golf shot is every golfer’s dream. However, this dream looks distant for most players. Very often you find players lined up in front of the tee box at the first hole.But neither the concentration nor smashing the ball hard can guarantee you the shot accuracy. It is quite frustrating and challenging and the initial enthusiasm seems to fade away with time.

A well struck shot makes a whole lot of difference on a hole. Pars and birdies are the aim of the game, they’ll help lower your golf handicap which is needed to boost your game and propel your game to the next level.

Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to achieve golf shot accuracy. But, remember the golden rule is the grip is not too tight. Here are some secrets that will equip you with all you need to get the accurate shots.

Start with the right posture

Correct Golf Posture

An important step to improving accurate shots is your posture. This is so important that you need to have it in place even before you take a swing. Proper posture alignment and ball positioning are vital parts of playing golf and most importantly, they are essential for the improvement of accurate shots. To achieve right posture keep your back straight, flex your knees and bend at the hips. With this posture you can easily rotate your body.

To be a great golfer, you have to master the art of aiming and before you can aim correctly, you need good posture.


Intermediate targets

Intermediate Golf Target

One of the major steps to take towards achieving better golf shot accuracy is to intermediate targets. Pick targets which are on the ground a foot or two in front of your ball. The target can be a drive, a chip or a putt. This will almost instantly help improve golf shot accuracy.

Try aiming at a dead spot, a divot or stick regardless of where you are on the golf course. Place a mark two feet away from your ball and try hitting the ball over that mark. This is way easier than attempting to hit the ball to a tiny hole about 150 yards away.


Turn your upper body during the swing

Posture of Upper Body During Golf Swing

A lot of golfers make the mistake of only lifting their arms during the backswing of an accurate shot. A back swing involving just the arms will not yield desired result. Rather it will end up creating serious issues during impact. You have to turn upper body while taking the swing. To achieve this, allow your hands and arms swing away from the ball closely followed by your shoulder and hips. If you have done this right if the club drops inside making a potent path towards the ball.

Imagine your shoulders and arms forming a triangle at address in order to make a full turn. Having done this, turn back and as you do, maintain the triangle as much as you can during the backswing, through impact and forward swing.This has been used by pros in their practice for a long time.

Make sure you keep the face of the club square at impact. While swinging through you might have to fold your elbows at some point. This is a very tricky one so be careful, your elbows must not pull apart neither should your arms crisscross. If this happens, it can be disastrous.

Consistently make contact

Golf Ball Hit

This is another secret to improving consistent shots. You can make steady contact through a descending strike of the ball with your irons.A firm downward drive compresses the ball making a profound divot in front of it. During the creation of this divot, your body and weight should shift toward your front foot at impact. This posture positions the bottom of your swing to the right where it ought to be – well forward.This powerful secret will help you cut strokes off your golf handicap.

Practice how to make consistent contact by hitting some irons off a tee to create divots. Ensure that the tee is very low to the ground then place a ball on the tee, step back a little to access the divots you have created. Throughout impact, your body should turn open while the triangle your arm formed is maintained (that is if your weight is forward). The divot should always come after impact not before.

Shape the shot

Shape up Golf Shot

You have to need to possess the ability to shape your shot if you must improve your golf shot accuracy. Golf players who have low golf handicaps often know hit fades as well as draws when possible.Drawing the ball involves closing your stance then pushing your hands in front of the ball. Hitting the fade on the other hand involves opening your stance and playing the ball slightly toward the centre. The club head must remain outside your hands on the takeaway and ensure that you make a full turn.

A lot of golfers are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of an accurate shot. Lower scores will definitely be your reward for hitting accurate shots. You will do well to practice regularly and stay healthy in addition. Also, taking golf instruction lessons on hitting irons from a professional will go a long way. Adhere to these tips revealed in this article to master your shots and soon enough, you’ll be hitting accurate shots and taking strokes off your golf handicap.

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