Ninja Tips to Improve Golf Swing Accuracy

  Anita Bast Cook   Feb 24, 2016   Golf   Comments Off on Ninja Tips to Improve Golf Swing Accuracy

One of the most significant skills that a golfer can acquire is the ability to get the shots to land on the target and to achieve a longer distance with every shot. The target, in most cases, is to drive the ball a long distance off the tee and most golfers get caught up in the thrill of simply smashing the ball as far as they possibly can. But a professional golfer will soon realize that smashing the ball as hard as he can, to make it travel a longer distance is not in any way as important as learning to improve golf swing accuracy.

To improve golf shot accuracy,it is extremely beneficial to perfect golf swing and get a sequence of positions and movements that most professional golfers have in common. If your every shot is accurate, then you have a higher chance of avoiding mishits and the ball tends to land right where you want it to. There are some ninja tips below that will not only make your golf shots more accurate but they will also help you to improve your ball striking.

Tip 01 – Work on your body alignment.

Work on your body alignmentIf you want to learn how to improve golf swing accuracy, then working on your positioning and alignment is essentially the most effective way to do so. But many golfers, beginners and professionals, have a knack of completely neglecting the importance of alignment when it comes to golf swing improve accuracy. The key is to align your body and clubface in a precise manner in order to achieve a coordinated and perfect shot by simply preparing your normal grip and stance and then aligning the clubface to the ball. Remember that it is essential to aim the face of the club to the desired target if you want to carry out the swing flawlessly and more accurately.

Your body must be aligned properly and accordingly to master this particular tip and a very simple and convenient way to do this is to simply visualize a line running across from the ball to the desired target which serves as the target line. And to visualize your target line more clearly and effectively, your feet, hips, arms and shoulders must be aligned in a perfect parallel angle to the target line. Doing this is not a difficult or tedious task at all and has proven to be extremely helpful to golfers who want to improve golf shot accuracy.

Tip 02 – During downswing,heels should be on the ground.

Golf Downswing TipOne of the most important golf swing improvement tips that don’t seem like such a big deal at first but ends up making a huge difference when you want to improve golf shot accuracy is the way you position your left heel during your downswing. Normally, golfers lift their left heel off the ground to be able to achieve a bigger turn once the backswing starts to advance but, unfortunately, and unintentionally or due to consistent practice and habit, forget to bring the left heel back down to the ground as soon as the downswing begins. This is a very common problem with golfers and it must be rectified if you want to learn how to improve golf shot accuracy. No matter how or what position your left heel is in during the backswing, once the downswing begins it needs to be in contact with the ground.

In fact, many golfers have a knack of pushing up on their toes which involuntarily gets the left heel to lift off the ground. And this leads to your swing and your shot being inaccurate. Your rotation towards the target should not be slowed down in any way, so it’s important to keep those heels, both the heels, firm on the ground once the downswing takes charge.

Tip 03 – Swing with your elbows tucked in.

Swing with your elbows tucked inHow to position the elbows to improve golf swing accuracy and perfect golf swing can prove to be quite a nuisance. Some professional golfers swing quite efficiently with their elbows tucked in while some do it masterfully with their elbows flying out. And this goes to show that both methods are pretty great in their own ways. But it is important to note that when you swing with your elbows flying out, it results in elevating the right shoulder upward and that leads to an unnecessary and dramatic downswing move, which is not what you want to do in a golf game. So it is imperative to avoid getting in a position that will raise your right shoulder skyward, which is why you need to make sure that you place your right elbow on or inside the seam running down the right side of your shirt as this allows the shoulders to turn level to the spine. This practice automatically provides the ultimate influence and enhanced authority needed in order to improve golf shot accuracy, which inevitably will improve golf shot distance as well.

Tip 04 –Practice golf swing at home to improve rhythm.

Practice golf swing at home to improve rhythmFinally, the rhythm of your golf swing also plays an important role in improving your golf shot accuracy. You have to be able to produce an effortlessly smooth and polished swing with an unwavering and flawless rhythm. Failing to do so will lead to rushing through parts of your swing that should not be executed so rapidly, especially when it comes to the downswing. A hastened downswing often results in a mishit which is why it is important to produce a smooth downswing that instinctively gains traction as you snap your hands through the ball. But with modern golf training equipment like Golf Swing Right Now’s Timing Improver you can improve golf shot accuracy by easily and quite conveniently learning how to practice golf swing indoors. In a game like golf, practice is essential. And with such a helpful golf swing improver, you will be able to work on the rhythm of your golf swing and gradually improve golf shot accuracy.

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