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Many golfers struggle with swing consistency. Getting that perfect golf swing can be difficult even for tour professionals. A consistent swing is a must to cover the right distance with greater efficiency. Amateurs often get inconsistent scores week after week, and it is disheartening for them. The secret to putt holes and get the swing right to lower your scores is to focus on building the consistency. It will not be wrong to say that to become a great golfer, you need to get serious and work on your consistency. To improve Golf Swing consistency, try these techniques:

Stay physically fit


Staying fit is one way to improve golf swing consistency. It is important to be fit, whether on or off season. A golfer’s emotional state of mind plays a significant role in the consistency of the swings throughout the round. Golf is a game that requires both physical and mental stability. You do not want your swing to breakdown towards the end of a round just because you begin to feel tired.

Certain exercises done frequently can help you improve your consistency in the game and also build strength and stamina. For instance, brisk walk for about 20 minutes daily and lift light hand weights about 5 pounds or less to go a long way. Also, pay a visit to your doctor if there are any injuries. It is very crucial to allow them to heal completely and get advice on what kinds of exercises you should do.

Practice regularly


This cannot be overemphasized. You need to develop a perfect swing. Swings of skilled golfers look grooved.  Watching them hit a number of shots; you will observe that most golf pros have learned to produce almost identical swings. This is because they have consistently trained their muscles to react the same way when taking the swings. This consistency is the a result of a constant practice. Do not limit your practice to only warm-up shots before games, hits balls on the practice range at least once in a week. The other way to improve your golf swing is by using the GSRN’s Timing Improver. It is the only in Golf training aid that helps you master the swing technique by giving you full golf swing feeling and improving the timing.

Develop a routine


If you have observed pro golfers like Tiger Woods or ever been to any PGA tour tournament, you will notice that the pros have consistent routines they perform before teeing off. They might stretch to relax the muscles or hit practice shots using different varieties of clubs. They focus their minds to achieve desired results through consistency of each swing. Put your anger or emotion in check. So your last shot wasn’t so good? That doesn’t mean you should get upset and swing very hard on the next tee shot. Stay relaxed and focus on executing another swing with a reliable, consistent swing routine, you have been trying to work on.

Seek help from experts


Another way to improve your golf game is to get help from LPGA or PGA experts. They are able to diagnose the swing flaws that result in inconsistent shots.

Flaws such as swings taken at wrong planes, weak alignment at the address and a swing with a rhythm that is rather too fast are flaws that can be easily identified by a pro golfer or expert after watching the swing. Haven identified the errors, fixing them becomes somewhat easier.

Avoid changing the golf balls each time you play


Winning the game does not depend on the new balls or golf clubs that are produced every now and then with claims to help you swing better or get more yards than the previous.

Not all golf balls are made the same way. Different greens have a different feel.  While using an old ball that you have been using for a year is not a good idea. Practicing with different brands all the time, will not allow you to develop a consistent swing. Be consistent with the brand of balls you play with to avoid swing inconsistency.

Get clubs fitted


The equipment used are also important for a golfer who wants to improve on swing consistency.

Inconsistencies resulting from the use of wrong equipment can be eliminated by having them checked.

Equipment that do not fit your body may produce swings that hit perfect shots sometimes while at other times, they will not. Improve on your consistency by getting clubs fitted properly.

Practice only one method


According to the instruction book, “Master Strokes” a golfer’s perfect swing plane largely depends on the body build. The taller tend to stand closer to the ball in comparison to the shorter people making their swings more upright, whereas, shorter people stand a little away from the ball, producing flatter swing planes.

You may not be flexible enough to keep the club parallel to the ground by taking your hand as far back as possible at the top of the swing without folding your arm or moving your head. So, stick to what works for you, create the swing you are comfortable with.

Do not be in a hurry to swing


Hitting every shot as hard as you can is no guarantee that you will get required target.

Take your time, hit shots that seem effortless, that’s how the pros do it.

The harder you hit the ball, the more you increase chances of side spin on the ball. Swinging slower will enable you to hit the ball straight.


Try producing swings with consistent rhythm


To produce a consistent swing rhythm is to coordinate all parts of both lower and upper parts of your body to function as a single unit. A sequence position happens to be the ideal way to hit the club head to the ball to strive for consistency in your swing rhythm. Amateur golfers usually have a jerky swing rhythm because they often allow their hands to take over the swing either from the onset or when about to transition into the downswing. Off-target shots are what you get when hand action becomes faster than leg action. A swing rhythm has to be smooth and even.

With these tips, you will surely be able to improve the swing consistency and improve your game in no time.

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