All You Want To Know About Improving Golf Short Game

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Among tips to improve your golf game, improving your short game (from 100 yards in) – pitching, chipping and putting must be included. The short game is potentially your winning shot; it is instrumental to holing out. Practicing your short game is one of the fastest and easy ways to improve golf score. Whether you are a beginner or an amateur golfer, improving your short game will dramatically lower your handicap,transforming you into a better player.

It’s more common to find golfers practicing long shots at the range than it is to see them practicing short shots. Regardless of who you are, short game is not something you want to take for granted- it accounts for up to 70 percent of golf shots. Of course all aspects of the game are important and short game may seem hard, but you can’t wish them away. Therefore, all effort should not be geared towards perfecting only one aspect of the swing.

Improving short game can over the time, serve to improve your golf game. So if your plan is to lower your golf score, you must modify your practice routine and incorporate exercises that improve golf short game. Amateur golfers must understand that shaving strokes off golf game around the green is much easier than doing so from the tee box.Quit struggling with your short game.Below are some tips to improve the golf short game:

Proper alignment

The first step to improving your short game is to get your address right. Proper alignment is essential to execute crisp short strikes. Shoulders leveled, grip light, stand parallel to the target line is the right posture. Weight transfer on the downswing and back swing is also important for the right technique.Move your body mass towards the target on the downswing and back swing to create a seamless energy flow to your wedge.

Club head release is closely tied to the club grip.If it’s too tight it would seem like you are holding it off. It is best to allow the swing flow naturally. Short game mis-hits in amateurs and everyone else comes from not swinging on plane.Invest in the golf training aids like Golf Swing Right Now. You just need to practice daily for three minutes and you will see a difference in your swing, consistency and speed.

Lay emphasis on putting

When doing exercises to improve golf game, apportion time to correct specific areas where you notice flaws. Your short game should be given the high percentage of the time. During practice, focus on getting better around the hole, especially with putting. Putting is meant for short speed swings towards the hole. Improving your putting is a sure way to increase your chances of lower scores. Better putting can easily translate to improved chipping and pitching.

Becoming consistent with your putting will greatly build your confidence and minimize the pressure you feel when hitting short shots. Dedicate the remaining practice time to improving the other short game techniques like chipping and pitching.

Better pitching techniques

Here are tips to improve golf pitching. For chip shot, the ball needs to roll / be in motion on the ground more than it needs to be air-borne. This is opposed to pitch shot which requires the ball to go up in the air and roll less. So, when taking either shot, determine which would be the best depending on the course topography and presence of hazards. Compared to the chip shot, the pitch is more complicated. Therefore, it would be better if you pitched as a last resort. Use pitching wedge or less lofty irons for pitching.

Work on your chipping

Avoid mis-hits like a fat chip or thin chip, learn proper golf swing technique.Improve golf chipping to execute the perfect golf swing. Tempo and timing are also very crucial to executing crisp chip shot.Therefore, there is a need for you to improve golf swing tempo to enable you accelerate through impact.Also, fix your golf swing timing for a solid strike and improve golf shot accuracy in order to get your chip right.

During the chip shot, the club-head mustn’t hit the ground first before hitting the ball.Otherwise, it’ll result in a chunker (fat chip), that goes nowhere.If you attempt to avoid hitting the ground and hit the ball up in the process, it results in a skull (thin shot) that’ ll go beyond the green. The middle ground between these two provides the right balance for a solid chip.

Shorten the back swing and remember to keep the club face open and square during the back swing so it will rotate through impact. This will create the bounce effect off your wedge. Golf chip training aids are tools with which to improve your chipping.


Short game has a lot to do with the mental state, unlike long game which revolves more around mechanics. Have in mind a clear picture of your target. The ability to hit golf ball straight consistently is a function of what you envision in your mind’s eye along with adequate practice. Visualizing the exact spot you want your shots to land at a critical stage like a short game, will prove helpful.

Improve golf swing technique, it’s as important as improving the mental approach aspect of short game. While long shots require you to improve golf shot distance, you need to improve golf shot consistency for your putting,pitches and chips. You also need patience to consistently achieve desired distance.

Practice with the right training aids

Generally speaking, training regularly is will help to improve your golf skills, improve your golf shot and ultimately improve golf score. Allot more time to practice and improve your short game. Aside from practicing on the range, you can also practice golf at home.Watch the videos of the professionals to learn their technique. Last but not the least, you need to be dedicated, focused and get the right golf training aids. Just before golf rounds on the course, engage in light warm up golf exercise like stretching.

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