10 Quick Tips To Increase Your Golf Driving Distance

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Both amateur and professional golfers desire to increase their drive distance. They all know how important it is for their drive to go as far as possible towards the fairway.Your drive off the tee has the potential to determine how many more approaches, pitches and chips you’ll have to hit to putt a green. Therefore, it is best to cover a considerable distance.

Swing and club head speed directly impacts the drive speed. The swiftness of the golf ball which the golfer is able to produce off the face of the club generates and increases the swing speed.To improve swing efficiency and consistency as a golfer, work on your upper and lower body balance and movement. Your shoulder shouldn’t be too tight rather, position it directly opposite the line of your shot. Synchronize your hips and lower back for the perfect stance.

Understand and master the basic fundamental tips to improve your golf game. Strive to increase your golf driving distance by using combinations of the following tips:

  1. Choose the right club

Right Golf Club

Choice of clubmatters a lot when it comes to increasing driving distance. The length of your driver matters, but if the driver is too long it could cause swing inconsistencies and hitting the sweet spot can be difficult.The club’s loft, flexibility of the shaft and weight play a role in its effectiveness. As a golfer with slower swing distance, a driver with a flexible shaft and a nice big club face is what you need.

Get a club-fitting specialist to measure the launch status of your drives and recommend clubs that will help you get more consistent swings and increased distance. Do not forget to make use of the custom fitted services offered by manufacturers for free whenever you decide to buy a new golf club.Always remember to delay the club head release at impact.

  1. Improve hip rotation

Hip Rotation

Hip rotation is important if you are on a quest to achieve increased yardage. The distance a swing covers is closely tied to the hip speed. Without the right hip speed, the chances of achieving increased distance are very slim. Although it is true that aging brings about reduction in hip speed, this can be fixed with exercises that enhance hip flexibility and translate to speed. You must also do some warm up exercises golf to play a better game.


  1. Properly coordinate your strength and flexibility

Golf Strength and Flexibility

For you to increase your driving distance you need to be physically fit; there is no way around it.Poor flexibility or lack of flexibility will make it difficult for you to make a full shoulder turn during the backswing. When you don’t get it right, you will lose power and swing consistency. For that perfect golf swing that makes desired distance, you have to strengthen your core. Lack of strength and flexibility in your hip, abdominal muscles, shoulders and lower back will cause you to lose distance. At any rate, you won’t be able handle your body to swing a long club like the driver without strength and flexibility.

Exercises designed to improve flexibility and strength have been proven to increase the average swing of players, perk up swing consistency, increase drive distance and reduce the players’ scores. What this means is increased driving distance and overall improvement of your golf game. Soon, you’ll be swinging the ball farther than you used to.

  1. Assume the proper stance

Proper Golf Stance

Your stance behind the ball is vital to increase the driving speed. Launching the ball from a steep angle may work with hitting irons, but it is a poor choice to use with your drives; it will hit down on the drive. Position the outside of your front foot in line as you tee up the ball. Make sure the club-headis set about 8 to 10 inches behind the ball.

This stance will narrow the path on the downswing. Being a little behind the ball gives you the clear view to picture the ascension of the club-head at the point of impact.Great hitters make itseemeffortless as they sweep the ball off the tee. You too can do this with the help of these tips and adequate practice. Use this tip during your practice sessions and see if it improves your driving distance, and stick with it.

  1. Tee the ball higher

Tee Golf Higher

The latest launch monitor technology used to track balls in flight reveals that excellent long drivers around the world do not hit down on the ball. An observation of players with a lower handicap shows that whenever they tee their balls higher, it covers more distance.To do this, your driver must hit the ball in an ascending direction.

To avoid less spin and achieve a higher start angle maintain better club-head lag on the downswing as you execute the swing.Swing with the aim of increasing the distance of the tee.

  1. Maintain a good grip

Good Golf Grip

Making an early release can be devastating, but preventable. All you need to do is to draw the grip towards your thigh; this will rotate your left forearm.Your down swing should be done from the inside out.The handle of your club should point towards your left thigh to spin your hips and shoulders.This will increase the lag of your club head, the natural release of the lag before impact; creates a very strong strike and since the ball is already in front of you, the hit will go upwards not downwards.


  1. Learn to control your weight

Control Weight

For big time hitters, making a full body turn from the ball during the downswing comes naturally.They are then able to shift their weight onto their trailside. While you may not possess the flexibility to do that, here is what you can do; is lift your left the back of your foot off the ground while swinging your club back.

This move will help you turn farther than usual and also enable you toplace your weight behind the ball. At the peak of the swing,your weight would have transferredto your right hip.At the launch of the downswing, create a good sequence by placing the back of your left foot firmly on the ground before rotating your shoulders.During the downswing, allow your lower body to take the lead

  1. Widen your arc

Golf Arc

The width of the swing arc is a major determinant of driving distance. Increasing the width of your arc at address is one sure way to achieve driving increased distance. To get this, the club shaft and your hands should form a direct line down to the ball at set up. Release any tension from your fingers.


  1. Improve on your mechanics and techniques

Golf Techniques

Getting everything else done and neglecting this all important tip can cost your vital yardage. This takes us back to mastering the basics and fundamentals of golf. Map out strategies on how to improve your game through consistent practice and enlist the help of a professional. They develop exercise regimes tailor made for players with specific needs. One way to perfect your golf swing is by practicing using golf accessories like GSRN Timing Improver and start improving your golf game indoors today. This accessory allows you to improve golf game at home as you can practice your full golf swing for just three minutes everyday to notice a difference. The best part of this accessory is that it allows you to practice golf in backyard or in the office. There are several other golf shot improveraccessories to choose from to play like a pro with little experience and practice.

  1. Your hands and knees shouldn’t be tensed

Hand and Knees in Golf

Your grip on the club must not be too hard otherwise it will affect your swing and produce a stiff one. It has to be firm but not tight. The feel of your grip should resemble the kind you give a child’s hand or the tender squeeze you give a toothpaste tube.

With these tips to improve your golf game you can be sure of increase in your driving distance in no time!

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