Incredible Moments in History of Golf

  Anita Bast Cook   Mar 14, 2016   Blog   Comments Off on Incredible Moments in History of Golf

Over the past years there have been many incredible moments in history of golf – from unbelievable shots to funny moments. Along with these funniest moments have been some less-than-stellar ones. Here are some examples of those moments that been a little more fun than usual on the course.

Moment 1: 

Smart Thief: Cheeky Fox Steals Golfer’s Wallet from his Bag and then runs off with it.


Fox Steals Golfer's Wallet

Curious fox wandered towards a bag of golf clubs and stuck its nose inside. It then pulled its head from the bag with a wallet in its mouth and ran away. Golfer was forced to give chase across course before fox dropped wallet.

Moment 2: 

Phil Mickelson falls on his Ass

Moment 3:

Herman causes mayhem on a golf course, including making doormat-size divots

Moment 4: 

So what if Otter’s stroke is closer to a hockey slapshot than a golf swing?

Moment 5: 

Woody takes a Swim

Moment 6:

Henrik Stenson at the Dubai Desert Classic suffered just a moment here when fluffing an attempted chip onto the green.

Moment 7:

Vijay Singh lined up to attempt the shot and produced a perfect Barnes-Wallace bouncing ball, rolling it onto the green and incredibly into the hole.

Moment 8:

Steve Lowery finds a “birdie” at the 17th at Sawgrass

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