The Timing Improver is specifically designed with a high grade flexible shaft to suit all grades of golf swings.
The Timing Improver is a golf training aid only and is not designed to hit golf balls or any other objects.

Make sure you have ample space around you and will not make contact with any objects, such as people, small children, pets, ceiling fans, light fittings, furniture, etc.

1) Pick a spot (or place a coin) on the floor and stare at it as if it were the back of a golf ball.
This is very important as it will keep your focus on the ball and your head quite still during your swing.
2) Once you are comfortable with your golf stance and you have your eyes focused on your mark on the floor, you are ready to swing
3) For best results practise a 3/4 swing until you are comfortable with the feel of the club.

Golf Swing Tip
– For right handers (for left handers reverse).
During your backswing try to keep your left arm straight and your right elbow as close to your body as possible.
Also, at the end of your backswing, both of your thumbs should be pointed skyward.
Now with your follow through imagine you are throwing a bucket of water over your left shoulder.
Simple stuff but this works and will help your golf swing.
Remember practice does make perfect!
Have fun and enjoy the benefits you will receive on the course by using Golf Swing Right Now’s Timing Improver.
“ENJOY” Clete Ryan, Inventor

David Lord (AAA Rated PGA) on how and why GSRN's Timing Improver Works!

G’day, my name’s David Lord and I’m the head professional at Rose Bay Golf Club, I’d like to share with you a few points about this Golf Swing Right Now (GSRN) Timing Improver.
I use this training aid on many lessons that I’ve given over the years, I’ve been teaching golf for over 35 years, and I based my teaching principles on keeping it simple and effective and once I discovered this training aid (GSRN’s Timing Improver) here, I found this is very simple for my students to use.
Most students come to me and all they want to do is find out how they can hit the ball a lot further.
There are two main benefits of GSRN’s Timing Improver;

  1. It develops good timing, good rhythm;
  2. Demonstrates to a student how a golf shaft works.

Now to get the maximum distance out of a golf shaft you’ve got to learn to load the shaft. Now when I say ‘to load the shaft’, when you go back to the top of your backswing, as you come down, the shaft should bend and flex and that’s where a lot of your power comes from. So when you get down to the hitting area which is near the ball, that flex that load releases at the ball, club head speed increases, you hit the ball a good distance.
What happens in practice with the GSRN Timing Improver, the weight releases and the weight of the head then comes through and pulls you into a full follow through position.
I’m standing in a golf shop that only has 9 foot ceilings and I am about 6 foot 4 in height so it shows how compact it is .
So you take your normal grip and stance, swing back into your backswing swing through and hold your follow through, haven’t hit the ceiling so you can use this indoors.
All the people I coach, I say to them, give it 20 or 30 times per day, back, feel the load hit it, swing through, hold your follow-through.
When you’re using this, it’s been designed to give you good feel of the weight in the head, just like a golf club and the smoother you swing it, the more you get out of it. You’ll find that you can’t swing this thing fast, because it will go all over the place so it develops a good rhythm and the more you use that the more distance you will get.
We have a lot of members here that swear by it, they use it every day and we have one member here who’s taken four shots off his handicap, and he said all he does is swing this 20 times per day, and it certainly made a big improvement.
So give it a try, I’m sure it will help you on the golf course!

Inventor Clete Ryan's 5 Hot Tips

Guys, five quick easy tips so you’ll get a better golf swing and improve your golf game.
So the first thing you’ve got to do is get yourself a GSRN Timing Improver. These things are great because you can practice your swing where ever and whenever you like. And that’s what you need to do to get better, is practice, okay? There’s no other way around it, practice.
Okay, second tip, head still. When your addressing a ball or looking at your spot on the ground, keep your head perfectly still through the whole swing. Because when you finish your swing, this shoulder will pull your head through and then you can have a look where it goes, okay?
Third, back leg straight, because you don’t want to sway backwards and forwards during your golf swing.
Okay so keep your back leg straight and that will keep you over the ball, where you need to be.
Fourth, arms, okay? So on your back swing you’re having trouble keeping your left arm straight, the trick is keeping your right hand elbow close to your body. So on your back swing, have the back of your hand facing away for you. And finally, fifth, when you follow through, this knee should be pointing the way you’re facing and to where your target of the hole is.
Alright, so it’s simple, in one quick movement step 1,2,3,4,5. Practice that and you’ll play better golf. Anytime, Anywhere.
Okay, now look around you, where you are. Do you think you can swing a golf club? The beauty of Golf Swing Right Now’s Timing Improver is you don’t need a lot of room. Okay, you need a couple of foot either side; get the cat, children and anything or one that could be in danger of being hit out of the room.
Okay you only need, a few meters, which is not a lot. So you can actually practice your golf swing pretty much anywhere, in front of your coffee table. You only need a space about that wide to actually swing and use this club, to effectiveness.
As I said you could be watching the masters on telly, the British open. Watch these guys and copy them, and you will get a better golf swing. Once you get the feel of Golf Swing Right Now’s Timing Improver, you’ll understand that if you swing it too hard, it feels all over the place. To understand how the flexible shaft works, think of it like a pendulum of sorts. The weight on the end of the flexible shaft gives it a natural rhythm. It feels very smooth when you swing with this natural rhythm. But if you try to fight the pendulum, you get rather jarring feedback, same for if you hit it too softly.
This club will teach you how to swing your clubs at the right time. So every time you go around the course, every shot you have, will be better. And there’s a reason for that because you’ve got your timing right.
So if you get your timing right, you’ve got your swing right, and your golf game will get better. Simple as that.

Addressing the Ball

Okay here’s a question and it’s been asked for over a hundred years; how do you hit a golf ball right?
There’s only one way to do it, get your timing right, because golf’s about timing. Okay so if your timings out, it’s not going to go very far or its going to go way over.
So the answer to the question is getting your timing right.
This Timing Improver teaches you how to hit a golf club at the right speed. This will fix all those problems that you have when you’re standing to address the ball. Because when you’re standing in front of the ball you have 50 things going through your mind, of how you’re going to do this right.
But if you can get your timing right, its top of the list, number one is timing, okay. So if you get your timing right the rest of it, with practice, will come together. But this is the first and only step that you need to remember about your golf swing, get your timing right.
GSRN’s Timing Improver has been specifically designed to work on your timing, no matter what set of golf clubs you own, you will play better golf, its simple.
Golf Swing Right Now
Feels like a full slice club, feels like a sandwich, feels like a 9 iron, feels like any club you’ve got in your bag.
It will pull you through the shot, and if you have a smooth feel as you’re swinging, you’re on your way to great timing! There’s only one way you’re going to get better at golf, that’s practice. And you can go anywhere anytime with GSRN’s Timing Improver.

Golf all about Timing

Hi guys, it simple alright, you’re never going to hit a golf ball right if you don’t get your swing right. Golf’s about timing, not power. This is a Timing Club that I’ve designed with the help of NASA engineers to make sure that you feel like you’re hitting a golf ball where ever you are. This feels like you’re hitting a full sized club, your timings everything.
Remember golf not about power, it’s about timing, and these guys and myself have come up with Golf Swing Right Now. If you use it at home and you could be watching Augusta at home or the British open. Watch these guys and how slow their swings are when there approaching there green, when they’re approaching their second shots, even players which seem to hit effortless off the tee. There’s a reason for that, their all hitting the golf ball at the right speed. Right so, as I was saying it doesn’t matter what clubs you own, if you can hit the ball at the right speed you will train yourself to hit the ball correctly. They will go further, longer, straighter, and there’s only one reason for that Practice. To be able to practice at anytime and anywhere, use the GSRN Timing Improver, and teach yourself, how to hit your golf clubs at the right speed.
And that’s it, golfs a very hard game but it come down to that simple rule, if you’re not hitting the ball at the right speed, you’re not going to hit it in the right direction.

People try to hit the ball to hard all the time, and that’s where most of the problems come from. Okay so as I was saying, the way that the Timing Improver is set up, with the right flexibility and the right weight on the end.
And the guys who are behind the engineering work for NASA, these are clever, clever blokes that love playing golf. Between us all we we’ve come up with this idea to help improve your timing!

How Swing Right Now Works

Now let me explain how it works. First thing you have to do is focus on the spot on the ground and then place a coin. This is not designed for a golf ball, it’s designed to teach you on how to hit a golf ball and if you hit a golf ball at the right speed it’s going to go a lot further and a lot straighter hence play better golf. Focus on the floor, grab a spot and swing. Because it’s flexible it makes you feel like you’re hitting in a full size club. Do this to fast and it won’t work, do it too slow it won’t feel right, but if you use Swing Right Now just for a few minutes a day you will find yourself swinging at the right speed and you don’t have to break the ball in half. Most people, when they get on the first tee and they stand up, hold the ball, and try to break in in half, and bad things usually happen. This is designed to teach you, let’s say use it 5 minutes a day the correct speed to hit your clubs. Just remember one thing, you’re never going hit a ball right if you don’t get your swing right.

Meet the Inventor

Hi my name is Clete Ryan and I invented Swing Right Now. Let me show you why I did it. As for the average golfer, and I really do understand why sometimes we hit a great shot and sometimes we hit a really bad shot. What it all boils down to is that something is going on with my swing.
Tell you a little story, I was living in the States for a while, and I met these PGA professional golfers and they told me that one thing that really stood out was that golf is about timing not power. So I thought, how do you work on your timing? And how do you do it wherever you like? Because I don’t have time to go to driving ranges because we’re all very busy now. So I’m lucky enough to talk to these PGA professionals and figuring out that timing is everything in your golf swing. I also spoke with engineers that work with NASA, so after about 6 months and a lot of work, we’ve come up with a club that feels like a full size club wherever you want, but it’s going to fix the timing of your golf swing. That’s what Swing Right Now was invented for. It doesn’t matter if you have a set of clubs that’s worth $200 or $5,000, if you don’t know how to hit them at the right speed they’re not going to be able to count in the golf course.
I was bit of a Hecker and I couldn’t understand why each time I was swinging the club, it felt the same, but it wasn’t the same. With Swing Right Now what it does is it teaches you how to use your clubs whatever they are, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, to hit them at the right speed. Now these guys including myself designed this club to be flexible, there’s a reason for that so that it can feel like a full sized club whether it be a sand wedge or a driver. It’s for everybody it doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, big, small, thin doesn’t matter it will feel like a full sized club. Another thing is that because we don’t have time to go to driving ranges and so forth and we created something that you can use anytime, anywhere at home in times that it’s raining, snowing, too hot, no space and still be able to practice your golf swing. Just remember one thing, you’re never going to hit a ball right if you don’t get your swing right.

How to swing YOUR Swing Right Now

Let me give you some easy tips that will improve your golf swing and probably make the game a lot easier. First thing, when you address the ball look at the back of the ball and concentrate on that. The second most important thing you do is keep your head still. Another good tip is that your back leg, don’t bend them, it’s only a little thing but it matters a lot when you’re swinging a golf club. So look at the spot on the ground but the back of the golf ball, keep your elbows together, keep your back leg straight, and your back swing doesn’t have to be quick because you’re lining up when you’re going to impact the ball.
Your back swing doesn’t have to be quick at all. Always follow through and point your knee on where you want to hit the golf ball. With Swing Right, what it teaches you to do is if you keep practicing, is it lets you hit the golf ball with the right speed. Golf is about timing, not power. You see all of these fellas hitting the ball out of sight and you ask how do they do it? Timing. So, head still, back of the ball, back leg straight and follow through. Do that 5 minutes a day and you’ll play better golf. Just remember one thing, you’re never going to hit a ball right if you don’t get your swing right.

Packaging Instructions

If you’re like me you don’t like reading and following instructions but you don’t have to with Swing Right Now. Give yourself plenty of room, just watch where you’re standing, you don’t need to take a lot of room and you can pretty much use it anyway. Make sure you’re not under a ceiling fan or a chandelier. You will probably need a meter or two. What I’ve heard from every professional golfer that has ever said anything about getting better at golf is 3 things. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. So if you don’t have time to practice like most people, you can’t get to the driving range, you can’t play golf 4 times a week which is unfortunate but that’s most of us.
GSRN Packaging-Back_APR28
What you need is a Swing Right Now it doesn’t look like a golf club, but it feels like a golf club and it gives you the opportunity to practice your golf swing at midnight if you wish. So you can practice wherever you like and feel like you’re hitting with a full sized club. I’m here to teach you a few things on how to get a better golf swing. The first thing is your stance, get comfortable get your legs about the same width as your shoulders. Lean over the ball bending with your hips. Pick a spot on the ground with the Swing Right because you’re not exactly hitting a ball. The first thing you do is keep your head still, it is really important because during your golf swing when your head moves around, bad things will happen, your ball will go left or right, you’ll miss it completely.
With Swing Right Now what you need to do focus on the point the ground and keep your head still that’s step one. The second thing you need to do is work on your back swing. Your backswing consists of a few minor details and they’re really simple steps: keep your back leg straight keep it locked so it doesn’t swing left or right through your golf swing is very important so you’ve got control over your follow through, keep your back leg firm, you’re going to hear a lot of people say try to keep your left arm straight, there’s one little trick that I use that really helps everybody because what most people do when they swing their golf club is that they chicken wing, their elbows go everywhere, the easiest way if you’re right handed, try to keep your right elbow close to your body on your back swing, by doing that your pulling the club back with your left arm straight and the back of your hand facing away from you, if you keep your back leg straight hold the right elbow close to your body, carry it on your back swing and your head still, that’s pretty much the three simple things that you need to learn on your back swing.
GSRN Packaging Front
The next thing you do once you get your back swing to the point you got to transfer your weight the easiest way to do that is move your hips to the left in one motion and then follow through. The easiest way to learn the follow through is pretend you’re throwing a bag of water over your left shoulder. Also, your right knee should be pointing towards the target you’re aiming at. If you do that at home with a Swing Right, 10-15 times a day you will play better golf because you will feel the natural swing of your golf swing. If you try to hit it too hard with the Swing Right Now it won’t feel right if you try to hit it too slow it won’t feel right. The more you practice with this club the more you’ll get your swing up to speed. As we know golf is about timing not power. Swing Right Now is the best tool that you will have to practice when and wherever you like to fix your timing for you golf swing.

Pre Golf Warm Up

Here’s a thought you’ve got a big game at golf, you’re going to meet with your friends you’re going to go with them tee off at 7:00am you get there you feel tired, there’s no time to warm up. With Swing Right Now you can warm up even before you leave. This will loosen you up, get you in the rhythm so when you get to the game you’re ready to go. This will give you the edge because this feels like a full size club with every swing. Just remember one thing, you’re never going to hit a ball right if you don’t get your swing right.

Relevance to YOUR clubs

If you’re like me, you’re one of those guys that has bought very expensive golf clubs and have pretty bad results. There’s a reason for that because you don’t know what you’re doing with the club. And if you don’t get your timing right then it doesn’t matter what you’re spending with the golf club whether you’re spending $5 or $5,000 it doesn’t matter, you’ve got to hit your timing right first. That’s what Swing Right Now does, it sorts out your timing. With a little bit of practice 5 minutes a day, you will find yourself getting in a rhythm that will increase your golf game better than anything that you’ve ever tried before and that’s why Swing Right Now works. Just remember one thing, you’re never going to hit a ball right if you don’t get your swing right.

Short on time and good weather

You can practice this anywhere you don’t need a lot of room. 1 meter either side and that’s it. You can practice with it no matter what the weather is outside, could be raining, snowing, or miserable to be out there. This is made for people that are busy and love golf. If you love golf as much as I do and want to get better, you have to get Swing Right and that’s why we came up with this idea. This is one of the best training tools that you will ever see on the market today. Just remember one thing, you’re never going to hit a ball right if you don’t get your swing right.

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