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Described as the ‘Next Big Golf Tool’ a ‘30 year product’ , ‘space age technology’, “Best of Year List and the best golf investment you’ll ever make’, all by various independent reviewers, the Timing Improver is a necessity for any golfing enthusiast!

Please find attached press release and captioned photos for the International Launch of a groundbreaking Australian Golf Invention.
Thank you from the Team at Golf Swing Right Now.
CEO, Anita Bast-Cook


Golf Swing Timing Improver

A Timing Improver is on offer for a local reader just call Anita on +61 411 597904 or email us to organize your prize.


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3 rounds including the exclusive The Pines, The Palms and Links Hope Island with buffet breakfasts, a 3 course dinner and bottle of wine, quality hire clubs, plus lots more!

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Pic 1 - International launch celebrations with Noel Jago, media support, Zane Newman, sales manager, Anita Bast-Cook CEO and Greg Cook

International launch celebrations with Noel Jago, media support, Zane Newman, sales manager, Anita Bast-Cook CEO and Greg Cook.

Pic 2 - Double the fun for office and home. The Timing Improver, Golf. Live it. Anywhere, anytime

Double the fun for office and home. The Timing Improver. Golf. Live it. Anywhere, anytime.

Pic 3 - Australian PGA Professional David Lord shows how the load is flexed with the Timing Improver

Australian PGA Professional David Lord shows how the load is flexed with the Timing Improver.

Get your golf fix within the office today!

The Timing Improver has easy to follow instructions & a Competition.

Fully flexible, compact, indoor golf aid

Compact length of 79 cms (31 inches) of the Timing Improver is for indoor use..


CEO:  Anita Bast-Cook

Phone: +61 411 597 904

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Marketing Consultant & IP

Toni Ryan

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Golf Swing Right Now

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Phone:        +61 411 597 904

PO Box 642, Thuringowa Central, 4817.   Head Office:  9 Owens Crescent, Russellton Industrial Estate, Alstonville, 2477


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New Australian Indoor Golf Training Aid gets PGA Endorsements in the USA and Aust.

For the first time golfers can swing a “driver” in the office, lounge room or garage

Indoor golf training aid which takes strokes off your game has international launch

Indoor golf training aid which reduces strokes gets world exposure

New Australian golf Timing Improver will “Take Your Golf Glf game to the Next Level”

Australian inventor Clete Ryan was unable to get his ‘golf fix’ while living through North America’s snowy winters, so he developed a compact simulated driver which can be swung anytime and anywhere and also improves his golf.

The Timing Improver, while designed for indoor use, is also used for warming up and syncing timing prior to a round.  It improves power, distance and accuracy.

This new golf training aid which has a uniquely flexible tensioned shaft and a scientifically weighted pinned head is the world’s first fully flexible, compact, indoor golf aid and has already achieved a US patent.

Clete enlisted the input of a NASA scientist, who plays off a 3 handicap, to ensure the compact engineering specifications replicated the feel of swinging a full size golf club with a weighted backswing follow through.

“Golf’s all about timing. I wanted to feel like I was swinging a driver in my lounge room when local courses closed and especially while viewing the PGA tour on TV.  You only need about a metre of space to get the full benefit of improved timing,” Clete said.

Sports Product Review says,

“We’ve reviewed some fantastic products in 2015 but we’d be surprised if this wasn’t on our annual “Best of the Year” list coming out in a few weeks.”

The Next Big Golf Tool” says Sway Golf USA. Their independent tough panel of 10 golfers with various skill levels have unanimously voted to add the Timing Improver to their approved devices list. They said in the latest review, “From the science that went into the weight to simulate the forces in a swing, to the flex of the shaft is remarkable”.

Apart from the obvious compact indoor versatility of the training aid, the real outcome for golfers is permanently improving their overall rhythm and golf score card according to AAA rated Australian PGA golfer and coach David Lord.

Lord, the head professional at Rowes Bay Golf Club has been teaching golf for over 35 years and said,

“Most people come to me and all they want to do is find out how they can hit the ball further. So to hit the ball maximum distance, a golfer must learn to ‘load the shaft’ and this new Timing Improver does that,” he said.

It has become an important part of my lessons. I base my teaching principles on keeping it simple and effective and once I discovered this training aid, I found it very simple for my students to use. The two main benefits of the Timing Improver are that it develops good timing and good rhythm while demonstrating how the load in a golf club shaft works.”

David added, “We have a lot of members here that swear by it and use it every day.

One member has taken four shots off his handicap and he said, all he does is swing the Timing Improver 20 times per day, and it certainly made a big improvement.

Our golf shop only has 9 foot ceilings and I am about 6 foot 4 in height so it is very compact to use.”

“I’m blown away.” Says Tim Hurja, USA PGA professional coaching international speaker Anthony Robbins in California.  “I try this Timing Improver and have a breakthrough in my own game. It’s one of the most incredible golf aids and the tempo is great!  The Timing Improver helps me visualise a straight release.  My passion is helping people make solid contact and have the ball go where they want it to go. A couple of millimetres can put the ball in another fairway. This Timing Improver gives the opportunity to see the golf path you’re swinging on and find your own path and tempo. It will take your game to the next level.”

The Timing Improver has a ridiculously realistic golf club feel which was strange in such a small package.” Says Canadian Golf Life writer Chris Bourquin in a recent product review. “As much as I use this product outside in the yard or at the course before I play I found myself using it just as much in the house, which of course is the ‘indoor’ part of it.

It was hard to trust myself at first but when swinging it inside. It has a very small footprint so no damage done. The biggest benefit for me personally in the month I’ve had the product has been reduced visits to the range to hit balls and groove my swing and more actual playing golf because my swing feels great.

I personally don’t like fooling around with swing aids too much but I’ve gone +1, +1 & +4 over my last 3 games and managed to drop a full point off my handicap in the last 6 with warming up on nothing but the GSRNTiming Improver. No range balls at all.

The Timing Improver works as advertised.  I can feel my clubs much better through the whole swing and especially through the contact area. With that comes an incredible amount of confidence.  If you need an extremely useful, small and affordable training tool to improve your swing timing and flexibility I say check this out.”

Golf Swing Right Now CEO Anita Bast-Cook has steered the development of the invention from prototype to the international launch. “Making golf more accessible is one of our many goals. Until a stockist is available in all areas, golfers can buy the Timing Improver for $99.95 from our site, Amazon and Upstart Sports.

We also have an understanding of the special link between golf and business and there are a number of blogs on our website, that identify that link.

For the first time golfers will be able to feel they are swinging a driver in the office, the garage, the home gym, just about anywhere, anytime.”

To celebrate the International launch, Golf Swing Right Now in partnership with InterContinental Hotel, Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club and Links Hope Island are offering you the chance to win an awesome 3 night Golf and Stay package for 2 at the exclusive The Pines, The Palms and Links Hope Island de Palms and Links Hope Island d Links Hope Island valued over $2,500.  The prize includes 3 buffet breakfasts, a 3 course dinner and bottle of wine, premium club hire plus lots more. Visit  for up to 3 entries until Christmas Eve.

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