OH & Supervisor/Motivator?

If you’re structuring work models for your

sedentary work force, encouraging

Wellness at Work to boost productivity

and avoid Workers Compensation claims,

GOLF is the new solution!


Physiotherapist Warm Ups Options for warming up for Golf in the Office

Option 1
Paul Woodward

Managing Director
Principal Physiotherapist
PhysioWorks Perth, Western Australia

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Option 2
Tanya Bowden

Senior Physiotherapist
Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions
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Golf Instruction BG

Instructions Advice for using GSRN’s Timing Improver in the office


Video Instruction
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Written Instruction
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GSRN’s Timing Improver Tax deductability

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List of Resources

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Encouraging most people to do something good for their health is a challenge facing

Business and Governments are working constantly to provide information, reasons and suggestions for the Public and
Private sectors to incorporate more activity within the sedentary workplace.
We’d like to suggest offering a Carrot in the form of golf, along with the Stick of ill health may help the cause, especially
with the tougher customers….READ MORE

The Sedentary Office is on the verge of becoming a major source of workers’

The Sedentary Office is on the verge of becoming a major source of workers’ compensation claims, what’s your plan
for ensuring your employees health are not effected by this recognised source of physical and mental stress and injury?
Sitting-to-standing desks are a highly recommended option however come with a serious price tag…READ MORE


An opportunity to improve golf scores within the confines of an office using a PGA
Professional Endorsed device provides more motivation than Tony Robbins!

Sports Product Review tested the Timing Improver recently. They said…
‘It feels exactly like you’re swinging a real club. The shaft flexes and the weighted (base) brings the device through the zone at the identical speed and resistance of any club in your bag…. You can’t stop. You can’t put it down.’
Golf Life Writer Chris Bourquin
I’ve managed to play a few rounds since the Golf Swing Right
Now (Timing Improver) arrived and I will be completely honest in saying I personally don’t like fooling around with swing aids too much but I’ve gone +1, +1 &+4 over my last 3 games and managed to drop a full point off my handicap in the last 6 with warming up on nothing but the GSRN Indoor Swing Trainer. No range balls at all.

This device uses all the movements and muscle of a full golf swing. Shifting the feet, loosening back, hip and shoulder muscles, not to mention the ‘brain break’ benefits.A golf warm up followed by air swings, generates purposeful movement.You’d be surprised what golfers will do to play better golf!
AAA PGA Professional David Lord -Review

SwayGolf ( a panel of 10, the review was UNANIMOUS) – They took the time to develop a golf training tool that does what it says and brings practicen indoors. golfswingrightnow.com.testimonials

USA PGA Professional Golfer and Coach to Tony Robbins, Tim Hurja
‘The Timing Improver helps visualise a straight release.’

Click Here for More reviews from PGA Professionals, Coaches and Golfers.

We’d like you to try one for yourself!
Special Workplace Health price of $37.49 Plus free shipping!

For more information, details and/or reviews email, call us direct on
+61 411 597904 or contact me in person at anitabc20 via Skype.

‘Stuck sitting in an office reading this?
Take a quick break. Get up and Swing Right Now.’ (Excerpt of review)

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