How To Practice Golf Swing Without A Club

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Golf swing inconsistency is one problem that many golfers face.Swinging over the top is a very common move among amateur golfers and depending on the direction of your club face the result can either be a hook or a slice off the tee. More practice is the only way to improve your game.

Practice is one very essential part of golf;there is no way around it. Heading to the driving range to shoot balls is a good start but in order to improve your swing, you need to have a practice plan. This starts with identifying areas in your swing where you come off short and fix those areas. Regular practice will improve golf swing technique and help you gain mastery of your overall swing. And here is the interesting part, you can practice anywhere without a club.

Sounds unbelievable and hard to comprehend right? You are thinking; how is it possible to practice golf without a club? Yes, it is possible to practice your golf swings without a club.You can learn by watching and practice with imaginary clubs, that is, assume or picture yourself holding a club.Practicing without clubs will enable you to master your stance, balance (upper and lower body control) and swing. Learn more how to practice Golf Swing Without A Club.

Work on your stance

First things first, to be able to practice your golf swing whether it is with or without a club, you need to assume a proper stance. The more you work on this the better your poise and balance becomes. Your feet and shoulders have to be apart at the same width, right foot in front of the rest of your body and keep your feet, knees, hips and shoulders parallel in relation to the target.

Work on your Golf Stance

In addition, carry out exercises that will improve your rotational abilities (your upper and lower body has to work together if you want to achieve the correct stance). You also need to strengthen your core muscles; a weak core muscle will prevent you from effectively separating your lower body from your upper body during the downswing. It is best to look for warm up golf exercises to improve your swing and balance.

If you want to up your game, it is advisable to buy GSRN’s Timing Improver.This golf training aid will definitely help in improving your swing, timing and swing speed. You just need to practice for three minutes daily to see the improvement. This is the best of all golf training aids that gives a full golf swing feel and allows you to practice golf in the office or practice golf in an apartment without any problem.

Improve your club grip

For this type of training, you would need an object you can hold onto to replace a golf club.You can practice proper grip of your golf club with any object that is somewhat elongated, at least enough for both hands to grab.Always ensure that your little finger is also around the grip so it gives no space for the club to shift.

Right Golf Grip Importance

Get a correct grip of your left hand if you are a right-handed golfer.The shaft of the object should lie across the top of your forefingers, fitting perfectly beneath the heel of the palm. Try and keep your left arm close to your body as much as possible on your down swing. It goes away from your body when you come over the top.

Proper grip with your right hand, requires that you fold your left hand across your left thumb. If your right thumb points towards your right shoulder, then you have the correct grip. Remember, your grip should be natural and not too tight.

Watch and learn from better players

Depending on the handicap certificate you have, you should watch players who play off lower handicaps. For instance, if you play in the 18+ golf handicap category, it would be wise for you to watch those that playoff of 10 – 12 handicap. For category 12 – 18 players, find golfers who play off of a 4 – 8 handicap.

Learn from better players

When you play golf, you get so engrossed and focused on hitting your target, correctingbad shots, minimizing hooks and slices or getting that consistent swing so much so that you pay little or no attention to other players in your group. But, when you watch others play, you actually get to observe a lot more than when you are the one playing.Football spectators tend to “play better” because of their observations, they notice every flaw and assume they know the right move or technique the player should have used to get desired results. That’s kind of how this works.

Identify players that play lower handicaps than you, feel free to take a pen and notepad along. Next, create time to just move around the driving range or golf course and watch rounds of golf game for those who are better at it than you are.Just tag along and most importantly, make sure you take note of the shape of their shots, kinds of the clubs players use off tees, which clubs they use for long distances, do they manage to get to the green, are they short or long with the clubs and so on.

Watch as players negotiate hazards, react to hooks or slices or bad shots: do they keep it together or flare up;their mistakes and successes will inspire, motivate and help you get rid of the common mistakes you make during your own practice time and ultimately improve your golf game.

Try the invincible golf club drill

 Invincible golf club drill

Get in your stance with your hands open and cross your palms. Now with your imaginary club, take your half swing back and then take the half swing forward. Ensure that you have your palm looking forward as soon as you get into the half way position back; doing this will guarantee that your right elbow is correctly folded in your back swing.Keep that right elbow tucked and really high – preventing unnecessary body rotation. Now imagine yourself holding a club, palms wrapped firmly around it; proper stance – check. As you go back, ensure that your right palm faces the upward direction and then swing.

During impact, ensure that you transfer your body weight with your right heel positioned slightly off the ground. Practice the invincible club drill a couple of times daily, it will help with any motion issues you have with your golf swing.

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