Pros Tips: Bunker Shots Made Easy

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Nothing can be more infuriating then when you see your golf ball gracefully soar high into the sky as you watch it spin into the air and then…plomp!

Right in the sand trap.

sand trapFor most amateur golfers, this means a few petty whacks, spitting sand everywhere, and digging a hole. Statistics shows that the majority of amateur golfers won’t even attempt this shot, instead opt to take the extra stroke and setting it on the edge of the green. But that isn’t you, you’re the type that never gives up and will stand in that trap for an hour hacking at your ball until it moves.

Well, if you want to live the life of a person who takes the easy way out then your in luck because through some specialized tips from the real professionals, right here. If you want to master this shot, it is going to take some strict self -discipline, patience and of course, a lot of practice. Using indoor golf training aids can be very helpful but your best bet will be to get out and do it live. Golf is really easy to give up on because of its difficulty but if you are able to hone your skills to all shots on the course, you will become a much happier golfer and overall person in life. Trust me. Follow these tips and you will be out of the sand in no time.

Assess your shot

Assess your shotThe key to every great golf shot is the planning and strategy they take before every swing they swing. That’s why you see them crouched down evaluating their options and collaborating with their caddy. When you are in front of a bunker shot, you need to take time doing this. Don’t rush it and don’t over think it, it can be a very complicated process but if you focus and imagine your shot before-hand, your chances of having a successful shot that hits near the green are much higher. Bunker shots can be extra tricky because there are a lot of ways that you can go about hitting it, but here we stick to the basics with no tricks or unorthodox technique.

Golf Training Aids

  • Walk up to your ball and take a look-is it sunken far into the sand?
  • Sometimes you can’t even seem to find it, if its sunken deep you will have make sure to get under it
  • Is it right up against the traps wall?
  • This will require a more of an upward swing to get up and over to the green
  • And most importantly, where does your ball have to go?
  • Take a look at where the hole is, set up in line with it with the side of your front foot facing either the left or right of the hole depending on whether you are left or right handed

Line up and set your feet

One of the most essential parts of your entire golf game is your stance. It’s the basis of your entire swing, and perfecting it is the only way you can achieve that beautifully smooth and crisp swing every golfer craves. Make sure you are comfortable in your stance, especially when you are faced with the daunted bunker shot. Getting a firm grip on this will help you avoid slipping or sliding on the sand, which is very common.

 Golf Training Aids

  • Line your feet up so that the ball is right in the middle of both of your legs
  • Spread your legs wider than usual and bend your knees down to comfort for the right swing
  • Face your sand wedge up to the sky as if you were balancing a bottle on it
  • You don’t always have to swing so hard on every shot. Assess the shot to get the right feel and make sure to follow through on your swing

Take just the right amount of sand with you

This is where the shot becomes the most difficult. Using your sand wedge is the right choice, but swinging a club with that high angle requires you to hit the ball just right. But to do this, you have to get through the sand that has engulfed it. This is why you see golfers take a big swing, only to amount to kicking up a cloud of sand, and their ball….hop forward a couple of inches.

Golf Swing Training Aid

  • Look at your ball and eye it two inches behind it. Mark this spot with your club by drawing a line
  • When you swing down at the ball you want to hit right at this line so that you hit the ball two inches from the top
  1. Don’t dig this line too deep else you are going to swing down into nothing but sand

Follow through, Always Follow Through

golf Follow ThroughIt is common to want to stop your swing in either right before you make contact, right when you make contact, or right after. In all golf shots you must always follow through with your swing if you want to be sure your shots are accurate and have the distance you aimed for. This holds true for the bunker shot, more than most as you have learned here you have to hit the ball just right if you want to make it out of that sand trap.

Golf Swing Training Aids

  • Avoid sudden stops by making your follow through swing twice that of your back swing
  • No need for a full swing, most novice golfers will do this and will take too much sand with their swing leaving their balls right where it lies
  • Keep your arms straight when you follow through and tight so that the angle of your club hits the sand right where you want it and at the right spot on the ball

Follow these golf training aids and you will no doubt go from an amateur golfer to a sand bunker master.


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