Golf for Beginners: Simple Techniques to Sync Arms and Body

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When you first begin to play the game of golf, you might find yourself having a difficult time hitting your ball properly. Hitting the ball just right so that it soars in the air and down the fairway or onto the putting green takes concentration, precision, and most importantly a fluent swing keeps your arms and body in sync. Watch the professionals, you will see that when they swing, it looks as if their club is part of their body, a third arm that moves in unison with their body for a beautiful and graceful swing that sends their ball perfectly down the course.

If you area beginner in the sport, you must be having several beginners golf swing. You should use proper golf swing training aids to learn how to improve your golf swing. Once you get accustomed with the use these training aids, you should be swinging like a pro in no time.

Golf training aids: #1

  • Keep your hands grip on the golf club handle soft or “loose” but not so loose that you lose your club completely when you swing
  • Move your club head forward to your ball and starting location
  • When you lift for your backswing. allow your club’s head to fall so that it can gather its momentum on your backswing
  • By doing this, your arms, hands and torso work together and give you an in-sync golf swing

Golf training aids: #2

  • When setting up make sure to use a good angle with your club using the handle down to the ball’s location
  • An axis of a good swing requires you to have a good angle with your club
  • Have your left shoulder point down to the ground so that your club stays close to your body and wraps around you
  • Keep your arms straight before and after the backswing
  • Have your left or right arm (depending on what your other dominant hand) to come across your chest
  • Having your arm come across your chest will keep your club out of the desired flow on your swing

Golf Training aids: #3

  • Make sure that both your hands are on the handle of the club
  • Have your less dominant hand on top of the dominant one
  • Use your strength or force with the less dominant hand
  • Have the plane of your left forearm in sync with the place of your shoulders

Golf Training aids: #4

  • Always remember that with the first motion, you must turn your body
  • Moving your body with your hips so that they flow with your arms on your swing, is crucial
  • Move your upper body while keeping your feet planted
  • Set your feet wide when setting up for your shot for full rotation, giving you complete control
  • To turn and swing the clubs head should come automatically, practice these steps and it will come as second nature

Golf Training aids: #5

  • When setting up your swing, grip the handle of your club with both hands, halfway down the club handles shaft
  • Allow your right arm to swing back freely and at a good width from you and the ball
  • Practice by placing your dominant hand around your other arms elbow
  • Feel for you dominant hand to pull the opposite shoulder around your backside
  • Turn back so that your back is facing the ball
  • Swing down at the desired target in one fluent motion

Golf Training aids: #6

  • Use your weight to shift your body when you swing your ball
  • By doing this, you will increase the overall speed of your ball and it will also increase your distance giving you the overall desired shot.
  • Always turn your body so that it faces away from your ball and your back is facing it.
  • Bend your knees (only to some extent). You want to stand tall over your ball so that you can achieve a full swing with fluent motion.

Summary of the golf swing training aids

Simple Techniques to Sync Arms and Body

Remember that to achieve a fluent and beautiful swing you need to keep your feet planted, your torso lined up straight, your arms straight and your wrists hinged especially when reaching the high point of your backswing.  You can also practice golf swing at home.

  • Plant your feet

Stand over your ball with your feet wide so that you can rotate your hips freely with your swing. Place the ball in between your feet, so that it is in the middle and your feet are straight and pointing straight towards the location of the ball. Place the head of your club down at the location of the ball and make sure that the width between the ball and your body is comfortable for a full swing and an accurate contact hit.

  • Rotate your hips

Line up your hips so that they are in line with your feet planted wide straight. When you lift for your backswing rotate your hips accordingly. Rotate back so that your back is facing the location of the ball. Tuck your chin over your leading shoulder. This will ensure that your swing is in sync with your hips.

  • Place hands properly

Grab club handle with your less dominant hand first and then place your dominant hand over it. Grip halfway down the club handle shaft loosely.

  • Backswing using all three

Remember that your first thought when assessing your swing is to turn your upper body with your swing. Keep your grip soft but firm when handling your club and have your hands halfway down the shaft. Swing back turning your back to your ball and your chin over your leading shoulder. Swing down and through your ball keeping your feet planted, your hips rotating with your arms, and with your hands placed properly. You can also use Golf training equipment to get the hold of the game.

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