Peter McWhinney – Former Pro Tour Player
Wins: Japan Golf Tour – 1996 Tsuruya Open, Australia – 1983 Queensland PGA Championship

…beneficial for those who dont play regularly or are confined to a office more than they would like.
The muscle stretching l got from just a few swings with a small weighted club was very enjoyable and having some feed back on where my swing position is to me also a benefit I got. I would have liked one of these in my hay day on the rained out days in a hotel room.
Peter McWhinneyPeter McWhinney
Former Pro Tour Player

Tim Hurja – PGA Professional Golfer and Golf Coach to
Anthony Robbins

I try this Timing Improver and have a breakthrough in my own game. It’s one of the most incredible golf aids and the tempo is great! The Timing Improver helps me visualise a straight release. My passion is helping people make solid contact and have the ball go where they want it to go. A couple of millimetres can put the ball in another fairway. This Timing Improver gives the opportunity to see the golf path you’re swinging on and find your own path and tempo. It will take your game to the next level.
Tim ProfileTim Hurja
PGA Golf Professional, Coaching Anthony Robbins in California

David Lord – AAA PGA Professional Golfer

I absolutely love my Swing Right Now training aid. Like my coaching style, the Swing Right Now training aid is simple and effective. The Swing Right Now is so simple to use and yet it generates club head speed. It has become an important part of my lessons.

David Lord’s demonstration of How GSRN’s Timing Improver Works!

David LordDavid Lord
Professional Golfer AAA Rated PGA Member

Introducing new product…golf swing right now! [Upstart Sports]

We absolutely LOVE this new product! Now you can practice your golf swing anywhere, and anytime, even in the office!
Got a boring meeting coming up? Get ready for it by …

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Upstart SportsUpstart Sports

Southern Golf Review

If you have ever watched a baseball player warm up with a weight at the end of the bat, the Golf Swing Right Now training tool is close to the same concept. They take it a step further and put the weight on a flexible shaft to help give you the feel of lag in the swing. I can tell you as a person who spends a fair amount of time in a hotel room and the office, the Golf Swing Right Now is a Godsend for maintaining your timing and form when you can’t get out to the range.

At about the length of your standard putter, the Golf Swing Right Now can travel anywhere and be swung anywhere.

Just like withe the Dead Zero Putting Disk, if you talk to me on the phone and I’m not putting I’m usually swinging the Golf Swing Right Now. I hate a conference call and both of those products help me get through them. God bless the person who came up with the bluetooth headset. The head of the Golf Swing Right Now is designed to be of an average weight for an iron while the flexibility in the shaft is aimed at giving you that feeling of lag in the swing……
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clmClm from Southern Golf Review
A Civil Engineer for money; golfer by addiction.

Chris Bourquin
Golfer and Writer for US Magazine, GolfLife

I’ve managed to play a few rounds since the Golf Swing Right Now arrived and I will be completely honest in saying I personally don’t like fooling around with swing aids too much but I’ve gone +1, +1 &+4 over my last 3 games and managed to drop a full point off my handicap in the last 6 with warming up on nothing but the GSRN Indoor Swing Trainer. No range balls at all.

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Chris BorquinChris Bourquin
Golfer and Writer for US Magazine, GolfLife


 We are comprised of a team of 10 different level golfers; from the weekend warriors to the making it on the tour player. We have the believers and the ones that think every golf gadget is a joke. The overall consensus on this training device was UNANIMOUS and it has become one of the new SwayGolf approved devices.
From the science that went into the weight to simulate the forces in a swing, to the flex of the shaft is remarkable. At first glance…

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Tim ProfileSway Golf

Sports Product Review – November 20, 2015 Here and Now

Sports Product Review’s “Best of the Year”

We took it into an open area in the office and swung it. And fell in love.
The shaft flexes and the weighted bottom brings the device through the zone at the identical speed and resistance of any club in your bag, (we have golfed, we’re just not good at it).

You can’t stop. You can’t put it down.

Stuck sitting in an office reading this? Take a quick break. Get up and Swing Right Now
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Matt Saternus Co-founder, Director of Instruction at

Matt is a Member of Ultimate Golf Advantage’s Faculty of Experts.
The Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver carries a regular price of $100, but has been on sale for $48. At $48, I think it’s a nice addition to your arsenal – it’s a good warm up tool, you can swing inside, and it teaches something that many players struggle with. At $100, you need to think a bit more about how much you’re going to use it. In fairness, though, the Orange Whip is $100 and I think the Timing Improver ($99.95) is better.
With winter bearing down on much of the country, it’s a good time for snowbound golfers to take a look at the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver. This trainer will keep you loose during the off season and get your swing synced up.

Full Review

Matt SaternusMatt Saternus

Richard Laurent for Kylie

I am quite impressed with it as it has improved my timing in my swing immensely… Previously my swing was quiet quick and got out of shape quite often but since I have been using the “Swing Right Now” my tempo has improved and I feel I have more power through impact and it is so easy to use  .. I showed our Golf Pro and he has a similar product which is similar but it  is a full length club & we both agreed this is a tad better because it can also be used indoors ..

I use my “Swing Right Now whenever I can and also have a few swings of it before I hit the tee … It must be helping because since I have had it I’ve won Two A grade Monthly medals & have gone from a Handicap of 14 down to 10 .. & hopefully it can help me lose one more shot so as I can achieve my Goal of a single figure handicap J

Cheers & Thankyou

(Enter coupon code review2win for a $20 discount!)
Full Review

Richard Laurent for Kylie

Nick Stevens – Infernal Innovations

I recently began using the Swing Right Now golf aid as a tool to improve my swing mechanics.
The first thing that I noticed was the quality construction of the product; the hand grip is made from a rubberized material that is easy to hold and doesn’t slip. The shaft is made of a flexible rubber and the weighted end of the tool is made of a high-quality stainless steel piece that is designed to help you feel what the whipping feeling of swinging a golf club properly should be. This is achieved when one correctly engages the hips in the swing. You actually feel the club head getting heavier right after the metal part reaches the bottom of the swing.
At first the tool feels very different than an actual club as the shaft moves because it’s made of rubber but you quickly see that this enables the metal end to accelerate through the swing. This mimics the feeling of the club head right after the club reaches the middle of the swing at the bottom of the arc of the swing. It makes you feel like you are swinging through and throwing a bucket of water over your shoulder when you are completing the golf swing which is great because we sometimes have a tendency to use too much arms in the swing and now enough body motion.
Overall by using the Swing Right Now tool before a round of golf, it actually reminds me of the correct feeling associated with the proper motion of a good golf swing. It’s great for players of all levels as it help get the golfer in the right frame of mind before addressing the ball.

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Nick StevensNick Stevens

Justin Ireland – Strategic Lawyers, Partner

Strategic Lawyers worked together with Golf Swing Right Now Pty Ltd in relation to their Terms and Conditions and their Trade Mark. I was that impressed I personally purchased one of the Swing Right Now practice golf clubs.
I found that when used in accordance with the instructions it is a very effective tool to improve my golf game.
I now carry it around in my set of golf clubs when on the course and it’s been of great assistance.
Mind you, I still hit a shocker from time to time, but less so with Swing Right Now.
Justin IrelandJustin Ireland
Strategic Lawyers, Partner

Robert Bourke – Iceberg Innovations

I’m an occasional golf player, and I’ve used the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver for some time now. Initially I was skeptical and wondering if and how this could work, but this tool does work! The timing improver has helped me to practice indoors and outdoors, and it’s been really useful to approach the next game of golf a lot more relaxed. Knowing that I can now practice even in a hotel room, I’ve traveled with this product in my trolley across 3 continents and I can recommend it as an exercise and training tool.
Robert BourkeRobert Bourke

Allan Buckingham – Retiree

I used to play a handicap of 21 but that could fluctuate to 32, since practising with Swing Right Now I play a consistent one or two over par sometimes a weenie bit under.
Everything has slowed down, everything is more accurate and I’m enjoying using it.
I practice most days, sometimes two or three times a day and swing it at least 20 times each practice.
I used to have terrible trouble getting past the first hole at Rose Bay golf course because of the two watercourses either side, I’m either hooking it out to the right or slicing it out to the left, 8 out of 10 times I would be fishing it out of one side to or the other. Now more often than not, I’m on the fairway.
Allan Buckingham bought a swing Right now three months ago and it is improved his golf game considerably

Allan BuckinghamAllan Buckingham

This is a simple device that is designed to help your golf swing. It simulates a golf club. The shaft is flexible, and there is a small weight at the end. It has a slightly off balance weight like a club, and it feels very much like one. The difference is the shaft is slightly flexible, and there is no club head. This allows you to practice your golf swing at home with less fear of hitting objects.

I like to practice a few minutes here and there, and I also like to practice a little during commercials. I also do a little practice during my workout warmups. So far, so good…

I am a beginner level golfer. I have had a few lessons and I play every week or two when time and weather allow. The course I most often use does not have a driving range, so any pre-game practice is putting and chipping. I found that my longer distance swing has improved a lot. I was a little surprised and it may be beginners luck. I believe the swing trainer is helping me better get the feel and motion of a swing into my muscle memory.

All and all, I am happy with the swing trainer. I do think it is more of a nice to have than a need to have. But if you would like a training tool to help you develop your golf swing, this may be a great option for you!

See Full Review

I’ve played golf since I was a kid and that’s a while ago, so I’ve seen and used lots of things. I came across a Timing Improver and read about it and decided to purchase one and give it a go and all I can say is, I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Thanks a million.
Jenny Chandler
Young, NSW
I received my trainer on Wednesday and today I had my first golf round. Results in improved swing and tempo is astounding. I’ve also used it for chipping and putting. A few more rounds to validate the product but look forward to sharing a video….I was skeptical but it speaks for itself!
Jim Doors
I don’t have a lot of time to practice so when I was playing I was getting really frustrated. Since using this swing trainer for 20 or 30 swings and a, I have improve my golf game, including more distance! I used to play all over the place, now I’m a consistent one or 2 over par. I use it in my office and I find it great for a brain break.
Greg Cook
Great golf swing trainer, finding it hard to put it down! I can really feel the loading and it creates its own inertia to pull you through the swing. I can feel my timing become more even and after about a minute, I get really good rhythm going. Great for a warmup too and I take it on the course for when I feel my timing’s is a bit off.
Brett Griffin
I like this timing improver for timing and distance. I have been using it for 2 to 3 minutes a day and it’s really given my game consistency, I now hit straighter and further on a more regular basis. I take it on the course to, if I feel like I’m losing my timing, I swing it about 20 times then I’m back on track.
I use it in the office to it’s great for practising when I can’t get out on the course or to the driving range, I’m 6 foot 3 and I use it in the office no problem. Feels great to swing, I know when I get it right because I get the same feel of a good hit on the course. If I swing too fast, it goes all over the place. My coach has said that’s my biggest problem, slowing my swing down, so this is been a great tool for me.
Brennan Bast
Great Swing Trainer – Can’t put it down!
Chris Henry
Fantastic product, very happy, great communication!!! Highly recommended!
John Granat
Best product yet for indoor use. Great tool for increasing fluency of swing and club head/swing speed.
Geoff Sprott Handicap of 6
I was one over on the 5th hole. Amazing!
Bob G

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