The Future of golf is in the hands of your Clients

  Anita Bast Cook   May 03, 2016   Uncategorized   Comments Off on The Future of golf is in the hands of your Clients

Restoring Golf to its former status – what’s it going to take?

Throughout world economic uncertainty, Golf has definitely maintained its’ status of exclusivity and affluence, however it’s currently a roller coaster ride of boom and bust for the golf industry.

How do we make the ride a little smoother?

I believe our Clients are key…



When it comes to generating business, word of mouth is still the most influential form of marketing. People trust people they know and like so when a friend or someone influential tells them something, they’re going to take a whole lot more notice.

You can either hope your Clients are talking to their friends about their golf experiences with you in the conversation;

Or you can BE the trusted friend, the influential someone they trust.

The one who doesn’t always tell them what they want to hear but tells them what will really benefit them, with their best interests at heart.


I prefer ‘Clients’ to ‘customers’, here’s why:

Webster’s Dictionary Definition of ‘Client’ – someone who is under the care, the protection, the betterment, and the well-being of another.

This reminds me of the reason I got into business in the first place.


In this online world we live in, your clients are likely to ‘google’ for solving issues, however there is a general mistrust of the system. People get the impression they’re a commodity, something to get something out of, then see ya, bye bye, adios, never to have any connection again.


It’s the real people who give real advice with their Clients best interest at heart who gain trust, the ones who give without the need for immediate return, they’re the ones who see the lasting results in their businesses.

Not only do these Clients visit in the short term, once they know you as their trusted source and advisor, they are more likely to

Share your business with their friends;

Stay around for the long term, visiting time and time again…

Being in the business of giving our Clients the drive and desire to improve their golf experience to exhilarating, air punching, bragging rights type legendary status on the course, one Client at a time, that’s how we’re going to do restore Golf to its former status.


This business tip brought to you by Anita Bast-Cook from Golf Swing Right Now

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