Tips to Consistently Hit The Golf Ball Straight

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It is not easy to hit the golf ball straight. In fact, this was listed by the USA Today magazine as one of the most difficult things to do in sports. Most golfers feel frustrated to see their shots, hook or slice.  There is no better feeling than striding off your first tee knowing that you have hit the ball straight. Not only will this boost your confidence, but it will remove any self doubts.

You may be wondering why it is so difficult for you to hit the ball straight, especially with your driver. What you should understand is that the longer your club, the more difficult it is to hit the ball straight. This means that it will be difficult to go a complete round hitting every single fairway with the driver. This is why it may be necessary to adapt a swing that is shallower with a greater loft and better clubs such as the 5 or 3 woods.It becomes easier with the shorter clubs,predominantly if you will accept 2 basic fundamentals of hitting the ball straight.

There are two important things that need to happen at the same time within a fraction of a second while striking the ball. First, you must ensure that at impact, the club face is travelling in a straight line along ball to the target line on swing path. Secondly the club face should point directly to your target. Ball to target line means the line that you need the ball to go in order to get to its target with one straight shot.  Swing path is the path followed by the club head from start to impact.

To ensure that you hit the ball straight, you must ensure that the club head is travelling along ball to the target line. Perhaps you may be wondering how this is possible when the swing path is circular as the club head only travels momentarily towards target. However, it is important to note that club head usually travels in a circular manner around the body rather than in a straight line. The direction and flight of the club head will affect the swing plane. Different players have different swing planes.  In order for the club head to travel along the ball to the target line, your planes must be straight.

Club should point straight to the square at target

Golf Club Straight

If you would like to hit your ball straight, you should ensure that the club head is square to ball to the target line. The reason for this is, the kind of spin that is impacting on the ball, depends on the clubface’s angle. You should ensure that the club face is vertically square as the club’s loft will make it spin horizontally and upwards in a manner that the ball doesn’t go to the right or left.

We noted earlier that it can be very difficult to hit straight and so you do not need to blame yourself if you find yourself struggling as the club’s shape isn’t intended to spin the ball. The club’s toe shape the ball left while its heel shapes it right.


Drills and tips to hit straight

Golf Drill Tips

It is realistically impossible to hit golf shots that are always dead straight. Before you try to do so, you should ensure that you have the right swing plate. An important tip that you should implement right away is to ensure that you slow down your swings. By coming down quickly the chances of getting off plane increases. When open, you will hit right, but when closed you will hit left.

Once you are able to control the swing plane and you are no longer prone to hooking or slicing the ball, there are several drills and tips that will help improve your chances of hitting straight. You should bear in mind that the goal of performing any drill is to help you improve one swing at a time until it becomes part and parcel of your swing and you can perform it without a conscious thought. Before you move to the next swing, you must ensure that you are easy with one swing. Be sure to reinforce the methods until you get to a point where your intuitive mind can hit the ball.

Don’t stress

Relieve Stress

You need to release the tension in your forearm and wrist muscles and ensure that you are able to swing freely. Tension will increase if you have a chaotic mind. Therefore, you should start by decreasing the amount of swing thoughts in your head. You will find it much easier to release the club through the impact when you are stress free because your muscles will be faster when relaxed as compared to a tense muscle. It will also be easier for you to rotate shoulders and hit a straight shot when you have less tension.


Neutral grip

Golf Neutral grip

In order to hit straight, you will need a neutral grip. Consider factors such as the number of knuckles you see when addressing the ball. In an Ideal situation, you should see 2 knuckles on the left hand. If you see more, you are likely to end up hooking the ball. You should also check how many knuckles are on the right hand. If these are more than 3, you are likely to slice the ball. Bear in mind that it is the right hand that controls swing path while your left hand control the club face’s angle.


Control the balance and tempo

Golf Balance

To hit the ball straight, you will need to keep the downswings balanced and controlled. You can change your attack angle as well as the swing plane by simply speeding up downswing. The aim of this drill is to help you improve the tempo.


Allow the club head to work for you

Golf Basics

It is the club head speed that should work for you. Hitting the ball hard will only result in mis-hits and you will be far away from a straight shot. Lunging at ball or making a quick upswing will also not serve you.

You can also practice using the GSRN Timing Improver.Practicing only for three minutes every day will help perfect your swing. This training aid gives the feeling of the full golf swing and improves the timing.

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