Tips To Improve Golf Score Efficiently

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If you’re playing golf in tournaments, for work, for social gatherings, or just like an everyday sports endeavor, chances are you’re probably always looking for easy ways to improve golf score. As a beginner, you were well-aware that the lower your golf score, the better, so why not master new ways to improve your golf game by improving your golf scores efficiently?

Playing golf is about focusing on both technique and strategy, if either one of them is wide of mark, your scores will deteriorate immensely, leaving you frustrated. Improving your golf score isn’t as complicated as many make it out to be. The secret to submitting a brilliant score relies on correcting simple swing mechanics and being capable and confident about shot selection. It is obvious that not every golf player in the world has the luxury of going for a lesson or visiting an instructor to master exercises to improve golf score tips. So, how do you become a better player? What is it that you need to know to improve your golf game and lower your scores? And how can you maintain a consistent technique on how to improve your golf score?

Below, we provide a list of tips you should know and work on to become a better golf player and discover the easy ways to improve golf score efficiently.


Become Better Putter

Putting has a more drastic effect on your score than any other area of the golf game. One of the best golf lessons you can learn is to improve your putting. If you’re a good putter, you completely avoid adding one more stroke to your scoreboard, but when you’re not well-practiced with the art of good putting, you miss a putt and there is no way to recover from the effect that it takes on your swing as well. One of the best ways on how to improve your golf score by improving your putting is to change your grip, make your shoulders and arm do most of the work, visualize the putting line correctly between the hole and the ball, and maintain the posture of your head by keeping it still. With these minor technique corrections, you’re capable to improve golf score tips and beat the game competently.



The grip is one of the primary fundamentals you are taught. Without a proper grip, making consistent golf shots can increase your golf scores and ruin your golf game. The only way you will understand how important the grip is, is by practicing both the right and wrong grip. A sound grip enables the hands to work together to result in accurate shots. There are two most-practiced grips used by professionals and amateurs: overlapping and interlocking. With the overlapping grip, the little finger on the right hand is fitted securely into the space between the index finger and middle finger of the left (this is for right-handed golfers). With the interlocking grip, the left index finger and right little finger are intertwined or locked together. The secret is to keep both hands, and the fingers of both hands, as close together as you can, to maintain a comfortable grip. You can notice a difference in your golf game instantly with the perfect grip and learn how to improve your golf score efficiently. Check out PGA Professional David Lord’s blog on ‘Get a Grip’ at



Golf is not about how far you can hit the ball, which drastically affects your golf score. With a better chipping game, you can save shots, lower your score and your handicap will recuperate. A great way to master chipping is controlling your distance and direction. You need to understand that your golf ball is going to roll some distance after it hits the green, and if you’re not aware of the distance, you can stand on the edge of the green and just roll balls up to the hole to get used to the new adjustment in your approach. Once you are aware of the distance, you will master the art of chipping just like how most professionals do it. If you’ve ever watched any live coverage of golf tournaments, you will notice how amazing professionals are at getting up and down from around the green. You’d do anything to master their technique and strategy. Two other ways to hit solid golf chips every time and understand how to improve your golf score: Have an early wrist break on the backswing and make a downward strike onto the golf ball. This creates solid contact and helps you improve your golf game, effortlessly.



Bunker shots are a vital part of your golfing arsenal when after a horrible golf score you contemplate on this question over and over again: How to improve my golf score? The answer lies in mastering each technique and strategy present in golf. A sand bunker can destroy many potential golf rounds resulting in a horrible golf score. During such times, being a good bunker player can get you out of many tough situations on the golf course.  There are ways by which you can make better strides and enhance your bunker shots and hit it close to the flagstick. The first way is to make sure that 60% of your body weight is on your lead side closer to the ball, this can be both focusing on the left or right side. If you strive to maintain this position at the start, during and at the finish of the swing, you can hit the golf ball with a steeper angle and avoid any unnecessarily flop bunker shots. The second and last way is to ensure your hands break or hinge as fast as possible on the backswing. Later, your hands should hinge and cross over straight after impact with the golf ball. That way you flip your hands and get a full wrist release. You can master this technique and instead of being intimidated by sand bunker shots, you approach them with confidence and improve your golf game.

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