Transform your golf swing using proper follow-through techniques

  Anita Bast Cook   Dec 19, 2015   Golf Tips   Comments Off on Transform your golf swing using proper follow-through techniques

How to improve golf swing follow through may be one small part of your technique, but it plays a huge role in improving your golf swing. Consistent and smooth follow through can make the difference between getting that Eagle on hole 3 or using your golf club to hack through the rough searching for your ball.

Technique and focus are useless if you are not using them properly, if at all. You must obey the gold rule of golf…

Always follow through.

Improve your golf swing follow through consistency and you will go as far as you want to go with your golf game.

It is the crutch that has held back hundreds and thousands of golfers just like you. These are the people who love to play golf but just can’t seem to learn how to improve golf swing techniques, no matter how hard you try.

Try as you might, if you do not learn about how to improve golf swing follow through, you will do nothing but spin in circles, chasing golf balls while the rest of your foursome is on the green putting. Nobody wants to be that person, the one that is holding up the group. If you learn these tips on how to improve golf swing follow through,you won’t ever have to worry about holding up your group again.

Let’s begin.

Tip #1>>Understand when your follow through begins and ends

It seems to be self-explanatory, however, the majority of amateur golfers have a difficult time in understanding when their follow through begins and then when do they have to stop for that perfect, crisp swing.

A good rule of thumb is to continue your swing about two feet from that point after you make contact with the ball. Practice your golf swing with no ball to get a complete understanding, swinging down just enough to beautifully scrap the very top of the grass where your ball would be and continue that all the way until your arms are extended completely.

Repetition is the key.

Tip #2>>Never quit or slow down your swing

Never Slow Down Golf Swing

It’s the definition of how to improve golf swing follow through, but it is typically the number one reason why some golfers are struggling to get complete control of their ball. Stopping halfway or not hitting the ball with the strength and force you began with is the reason behind inaccurate contacts.

When you swing down towards your ball at a set strength, force your body as one with that force. If you suddenly stop that amount of force or slow it down, your body will not be able to adjust fast enough for your stroke to land where you initially planned.  It throws off your entire system.

You have to be completely in sync with every part in your body acclimated and working together at the same pace, to improve your golf swing.

This can’t be done overnight, so don’t expect results immediately, but understand, this is golf swing improvement 101 and without a full even swing you will not improve.

Tip #3>> It’s all in the hips

Proper golf swing techniques appear to be straight forward when you teach them, however,the complexities of a perfect golf swing can be extremely difficult to comprehend and understand for beginners.

It's all about Hip Position

If you want to get to that perfect swing, you certainly can.  You have to try and understand these in sync movements and why they are so important. Moving your upper body in sync with your swing is vital to get the most power and accuracy out of your golf swing. By adjusting your hips to follow your arms at the right pace and time, you continue the fluent motion you started with, maintaining an elegant and refined golf swing.

Try to concentrate on turning your hips so that you can fully extend your dominant arm. Doing this, makes your swing reach its full potential by not interrupting your original motion with any jerks or stops.

Tip #4>>Maintain your center of gravity

Maintain your center of gravity in Golf

Your center of gravity is what holds you in place. Your center of gravity is the center point of your body, on which you base all movement, to keep your balance. So how does all of that relate to your golf swing? When you adjust your body to any kind of abnormal movement, like the ones you find very regularly in your golf swing techniques, you have to know where your center of gravity lies so that you can adjust your body accordingly without falling down.

When you position your body for your approach and lay your club down for your swing, your body will naturally lean forward to create a comfortable stance, that is because your center of gravity is in the center point of our entire body. Locate your center of gravity when in your stance. You can easily locate it somewhere in the center of your pelvis.

On your back swing, your hips should move back with your arms slightly but your legs and thighs need to stay planted right where they are, bent to comfort to give you a rock solid stance that will not sway with your motions. This allows the full force of your body and swing to make full contact on your ball sending it as far or short as you want.

Things to remember :

  1. Don’t jump ahead, the follow through is the last piece to the puzzle of your perfect golf swing
  2. Start things off right with the proper stance and backswing
  3. Find and focus on maintaining your center of gravity during your entire golf swing improvement exercises
  4. Practice golf swings with no ball for rapid repetition, giving you the chance to focus on improving your swing and follow through technique without the worry of hitting the ball as well.
  5. Be patient and do not create bad habits, once you are used to them they are extremely difficult to break.

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