What should be my winter golf practice routine

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While you practice golf year round, the majority of golfers are going to store their clubs away for the winter, never thinking twice about the importance of playing the sports all year long. These players know that playing golf in the snow is not possible. Even with neon colored golf balls, you can’t play the back nine this afternoon,if the snow is on the ground. If you want to set yourself apart from the pack in the game, you have to make the strict commitment to practice golf in winter season too. It takes lots of determination to improve your golf swing and it is essential to stick to a time managed winter golf practice routine to reach this goal.

Follow this winter golf practice routine to completely fine tune your golf game and achieve your goal of performing a constant, fluent golf swing.

Sit down and write it out

Sit down and write it

First things first….

You need to create a practice routine that is detailed, strict and covers each phase of improving your golf swing.

Sit down with a pen and paper or get onto your computer to type out a plan. You need to have a hard copy of a thought out plan as it is the easiest for you to understand.

1. Write out a timeline of your golf winter practice routine.

It’s important to identify when you should start and end this routine. Check weather reports to ensure when the conditions are less than bearable outdoors and plan to use indoor golf training aids to start improving your golf game on those days.

2. Set up a plan to practice your golf swing indoors, in a systematic order

This will allow you to practice all aspects of your game. If you work only on your driving on one day, you’re going to find it difficult to obtain that perfect touch that your putting may need the next day. It is vital to work on several aspects during every practice session so that you have a complete and well-rounded skill level before springtime.

3. Set goals to achieve over the course of your winter golf practice routine

winter golf practice routineA helpful way of keeping you on track during these cold winter months is to track your progress. You need to keep yourself motivated and set strict goals.

Write down at least one goal for each month of your routine and end with one major goal. This way, you can strive to achieve something progressively as you work towards that main goal, keeping yourself motivated to improve your golf swing during the entire winter season.

4. Choose different indoor golf swing training aids for each of your different clubs [Drivers, Long Irons, Short Irons, and Putter]

You might be in the need of control over your shots, having them fly off your club head each time you swing. Address each of your needs in your plan and apply helpful training exercises to practice during your sessions.

5. Set-up a skill assessment test for yourself at the end of your winter golf practice routine

Set about a 10-15 minute window at the end of your routine, and call this your “skill assessment” time. This will be a time that you set up with various golf swing training aids for each phase of your game. Use it to see where you are at in the process of achieving the goals that you have set.

For example, you can practice your golf swing indoors by setting up a target at one end of the room to work on your accuracy and consistently by swinging with one club per type [driver, long iron, short iron]by following these steps:

Step #1: Mark three distances with a piece of tape in line with the target

Step #2: Set an amount of repetitions at each marked location

Practice makes everyone perfect, especially in golf and in order to get the most out of your winter golf practice routine, you need to consistently repeat your golf swing. Set a number of around 15-20 reps. This will give you an excellent assessment of where you are at the time you perform your “skill assessment”. Pay attention to your shots, where are they hitting the target? How often?

You may feel the urge to write this information while practicing but stopping to grab a pen and writing a mark will completely throw off your rhythm and you will be just wasting your time.

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