8 Reasons Why You Need A Golf Swing Trainer / Golf Coach

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Wondering Why You Need A Golf Swing Trainer/Golf Coach? Well, for one, a golf trainer or instructor will greatly help you pick up your game. The number one reason why most golfers shy away from hiring a trainer is cost. Some other excuses are;

  • I can get free YouTube videos on golf lesson or on the internet
  • I have friends who can train me for free
  • Some guy next to me on the range will give me advice
  • A trainer would want me to swing like him
  • Hiring a trainer or taking lessons may mess up my swing and game
  • Lessons are a waste of time and money, I’ve tried it before
  • I can learn from just watching golf channels

Do you use one of these excuses?Or do you have your own? You may even feel that lessons cost too much, but considering what you stand to gain from having a trainer practice with you, it’s worth it as it improves your golf game considerably.Here are eight reasons why you need to have a golf swing trainer:

All great golfers have a coach

Golf Coach Importance

The best pro golfers in the world, including Tiger Woods, have a coach or golf instructor. If it was not necessary to have a trainer, the pro golfers would not have hired trainers and coaches. A golf trainer will help you achieve swing consistency and assist in improving your overall game.

It could be very tough for you as a beginner golfer to improve your swing on your own. Therefore, it is not a bad idea for new golfers to hire a swing trainer to not just teach you how to swing, but also to take you through the rudiments of the game. All golfers, whether pro or amateur, need a golf swing trainer.

They will help you identify routines that work for you

identify routines that work for you

A golf swing trainer can fashion tailor-made swing or practice routines for your specific needs. A trainer will identify those areas you perform poorly and suggest the best routines to improve them.They can help you identify the areas where you come off sloppy during your swing and develop a pattern or technique to correct any anomaly. A trainer can help you master the golf swings  by giving you effective golf swing tips.

Injured golfers could also do with the help of a swing trainer. For instance, if a golfer sustained injuries during the season and decides to train during the offseason in preparation for the next season he/she will need a trainer. The trainer will be able to pattern the swing training or practice to suit you so you don’t put pressure on the muscles or areas that are yet to heal properly.

They notice flaws that you are unaware of or fail to acknowledge

Golf Trainer

A golf trainer knows that balance and rhythm are vital when it comes to your swing; a player may jerk or make costly errors at various stages of taking a swing. The swing trainer is able to tell when your balance and rhythm are not right and will also be able to notice other areas where you fall short. Most importantly, they are able to make appropriate corrections during training.

After Jordan Spieth won the Tiger Wood’s Hero World Challenge by 10 shots, he showed his appreciation for his instructor Cameron McCormick for helping him with his putting. During an interview after he won, Spieth told the Golf Channel that his coach had noticed his putting stroke was too “straight back” and recommended that he arc a little on the back swing. This helped him a lot.

You need expert/professional advice

swing trainer

You do not need to be scared that a golf swing trainer will make you swing just like him. As professionals, they understand that everyone is different.He only has to guide you on how to discover the golfer in you.

You don’t have to rely on the guy you meet at the course. He could also be a beginner like you so why do you need to take advice from him when you can get it from a certified trainer?Whether you are a newbie or upcoming golfer, you need the professional help of golf swing trainers who can dissect issues you have with your swing that frustrates and annoys you round after round.

Golf trainers are well versed in the game and can consequently give the right solutions to your problems. They possess the technical know-how of the game of golf and can advise you accordingly. Golfers who play off a handicap of 4 can be an instructor/trainer.

You get more out of golf lessons with trainers

Golf Teaching

Golf is a practice game that demands both your physical and mental efforts from players. Watching the videos is not bad, but understand that it is not the same as someone teach you what you need to know and do in person. It sure beats practicing by yourself. Plus, during training sessions, you can ask questions about golf-related issues.

Typical golf lessons for individuals takes from 30 minutes to one hour. Within this time frame, you can learn a lot from swing trainers.

They have the facilities

Learn Golf Skills with Trainers

Swing instructors have the equipment you will need to work with in order to improve your game. Depending on the qualification of the trainer/coach/instructor and the facilities they work with, each training session costs about $60 and for big time pro instructors –well over $100 per hour for private sessions.

You might also want to look out for discount offers when you sign up for a whole package of lessons.

You can be sure of consistent swing results

Consistant Golf Swing Rythm

Another reason why you need a golf swing trainer is because mastery of consistent golf swing can be really difficult. But as often as you train with help from a golf swing trainer, you learn to be more consistent in your swing. You experience faster improvements in your golf game with the help of a trainer. Regular practice with your swing trainer is bound to produce tangible results and soon you will be lowering your scores.


There are less expensive alternatives

Less Expensive Golf Coach

Some golf swing trainers are pro golfers and they have worked with the crème de la crème in the golf world. But you can also find golfer trainers with good experience who are not very expensive, yet know the complete nuances of the game.

Fortunately, some community colleges and universities offer affordable golf courses and training as part of continuing education programs. A lot of district schools also offer adult education programs so taking golf lessons through these programs is pocket-friendly.

With technological advancement, you can improve your golf swing with GSRN’s Timing Improver. This indoor golf training aids lets you practice indoor and master the technique of swing. All you need is three minutes every day and you will notice the difference.  There are several golf training aids that will help you improve the game but none quite so quickly as the Timing Improver.

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